Ball Coach Radar Reviews


Tom House, National Pitching Association (Founder)

"A break down in mechanics caused by fatigue is almost always the root cause of every pitching arm injury I have come across in my over 30-plus years working with pitchers. Unfortunately, many youth instructors do not realize that a young player has entered the injury risk zone until it is too late. I’ve been waiting a long time for a radar gun that is specifically designed as a training aid for young players, and Ball Coach radar is a perfect complement to our Velocity Plus pitching program as it enables our certified instructors to gradually develop a player’s arm strength and muscle memory with little risk of injury. A drop of just a couple of MPH in pitch velocity can be an indicator that a young player is at increased risk for sustaining a serious arm injury. The Ball Coach radar should be every coach’s early warning indicator for player fatigue."

Mark Prior, All-Star Pitcher and Los Angeles Dodgers (Bullpen Coach)

“The Ball Coach radar gun from Pocket Radar is a great tool for instruction and training. In today’s game where peak velocity is reaching new levels, the Pocket Radar allows us to work with pitchers to teach feel and touch without altering their deliveries. Controlling intensity levels in professional baseball can be a challenge for new professional pitchers. The daily maintenance of a pitcher during a 5 to 6 month period will break down the most physically fit person. The Pocket Radar allows us to monitor arm health as well as instruct players to add or subtract intensity levels based on readings. I encourage our staff to use it as a way to teach new pitches, change speeds on current pitches and control these intensity levels. The simple light weight product makes it easy for our coaches to keep it close to them at all times and use it effectively in bullpens, throwing program and Live Batting Practice environments.”

Dante Bichette, 4x All-Star and former Colorado Rockies Hitting Coach

"When it comes to hitting, ball exit speed off the bat is what it’s all about. Using the Ball Coach radar with professional hitters and youth hitters, I’ve learned that players at all levels need instant feedback to improve in the shortest amount of time. I love the Ball Coach radar’s convenient size and ease of use. I tested it against the other pro radar guns and the speeds were dead on. It stuns me that most people in baseball still don’t measure exit speed. Everyone knows what a 90 mph pitch looks like, but they don’t know what a good exit speed is. An extra 1 to 2 mph can make a completely different hitter. If you want to become a better hitter, you need to start measuring your ball exit speed."

Pat Murphy, Milwaukee Brewers (Bench Coach)

"In my years of experience, I have seen all types of radar guns mostly used for capturing peak fastball velocity. That's why I've found the Ball Coach radar to be much more valuable. Sure it can be used for short range scouting and recruiting, but it is a far more powerful tool for coaching and training. I use it with my son Kai to make sure his off-speed pitches have enough speed differentials to keep hitters off balance and disrupt their timing, as well as working on his hitting power by keeping track of his Ball Exit Speeds. Because its accuracy is dead on with the other pro radar guns, I have no problem using it with the professional guys in the bullpen or in the cages. The Ball Coach radar eliminates any second guessing and provides the hard data that players need to know to improve."

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Mike White, University of Oregon (Head Coach)

“We love the new Ball Coach radar for its simplicity of use. The Ball Coach’s size is perfect for use on the road recruiting as a discrete tool that gives an accurate measurement of a pitcher’s velocity. The Ball Coach radar is versatile in that we can measure not only pitcher’s bullpens but also hitter’s ball exit speeds. It is perfect for camps, recruiting, games and practice. The new features make it easier to use and to receive accurate maximum velocity readings. Whether you are a coach, parent or instructor, the Ball Coach radar is an invaluable tool in the development of a pitcher, player or hitter.”

Tim Walton, University of Florida (Head Coach, 2014-15 National Champions)

“Finally, a radar gun and training tool that takes away any questions about athletic ability. The Ball Coach radar will change the way our coaches and players measure and evaluate pitching and hitting skills. The versatile features easily allow us to coach and measure at the same time. This ability to measure pitch speed and exit speed off the bat without having to manually trigger the button is extremely helpful in allowing us to study player mechanics, while the speeds are recorded in the background. The recall button allows us to go over previous speeds, and find what needs to be done to improve or keep them where they’re at consistently. Anyone interested in gaining an advantage over their competition, needs to start training with the Ball Coach.”

Ken Eriksen, University and South Florida and Women's Team USA (Head Coach)

“This tool gives us something that is not only efficient but it is coach friendly. Pitch speed is a great indicator, however its ability to get ball exit speed off the bat is a unique feature that we love to work with. I recommend it for all levels of softball.”

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Russ Rose, Penn State University (7 National Championships)

“Incorporating the Ball Coach radar into our practices has helped us to identify various service game approaches. Most players think they know what works best for them, but being able to have instant objective feedback with the radar and seeing the result, gives them an idea of what a successful serve should feel like. The Ball Coach radar will continue to provide instant actionable data straight to our coaches and more important the players as they continue to develop their serving mechanics and contact.”

John Dunning, Retired (5x National Champion and 4x National Coach of the Year)

"We have been working hard to improve our serving game; improving technique, watching video, using statistics, simulating pressure,… Introducing Pocket Radar into our gym was the next step; it has forced us to raise the bar, forced us to think about things in a different way and helped us to realize how we can serve."

Kelly Sheffield, University of Wisconsin (Head Coach)

"In volleyball, the outcome of a match can be heavily influenced by the serve and pass game. When training our players to become better servers, the Ball Coach radar has proven to be invaluable. In our gym, the Ball Coach radar allows us to give our players instant accurate feedback on the pace and velocity of their serve. By having this information our players are able to have a consistent aggressive mindset with them every time they go to the service line."

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Ken DeHart, Master Professional (USPTA and PTR)

"It has been the easiest radar gun I’ve ever used. We use it not only for the serve, but also to measure groundstroke speed and volley speed. We actually talk to the kids about the speed they hit the ball at, and then measure that speed so that when they hit it, they get a feel for how fast they should swing racquet-head speed wise."

Mike Gennette, Cal Lutheran University (2016 USTA and the United States Olympic Committee Player Development Coach of the Year)

"I absolutely love the new Ball Coach radar with the constant on feature. This is by far the best radar device on the market and I have used them all. Not only is it pocket sized, but it is accurate and measures every shot. No more missed serves that upset your student and embarrass the coach. This gun catches everything! The price is unbeatable. There is no way any coach should even consider any other device. Plus players can use it when they practice on their own. They can set up the Ball Coach radar on a tripod, use the Constant-On feature and look at their speeds at any time. I have even used it from a chair behind and below the server with incredible accuracy. The two top technologies for high performance coaches today are video analysis and the Ball Coach radar!"

Lisa Dodson, Creator of ServeMaster (USPTA certified Elite Professional and a MTMCA L3 certified professional)

"Incredibly accurate – an ability to tell your students how much they have improved every time they come out onto the court."