Everything Fastpitch Podcast Interviews CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Goody

by Tyler Scaturro June 25, 2020

Everything Fastpitch Podcast Interviews CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Goody

Pocket Radar co-founder and CEO, Steve Goody, visits with Coach Tory Acheson and Coach Don McKinlay of the Everything Fastpitch podcast series. In the episode, they discuss Pocket Radar's Bring Your Training Home Initiative, and how the technology can be used in the recruiting process as well as how it can be used in the development of hitters and pitchers of all ages.

Take a listen to Steve at the 21:20 minute mark below in the episode:


About Everything Fastpitch Podcast:

Everything Fastpitch is a podcast hosted by Coach Tory Acheson and Coach Don McKinlay. Tory and Don are former college coaches that are now full time instructors and travel ball coaches. Since retiring form active collegiate coaching they have committed themselves to providing educational materials to the fastpitch community. This podcast is one of the resources they are providing. Their website has 500+ blog posts and they have a YouTube channel. All of these cover fastpitch softball from coaching and training beginner athletes up through college athletes. It is a great resource for players, parents and coaches. Whether it be training tips, mental aspects, coaching methods, recruiting etc. it is all covered, hence the name Everything Fastpitch.

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