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ABCA Webinar:

ABCA Webinar: "How the NEW Pocket Radar Connect feature is enhancing in-game scoring & streaming experiences, featuring GameChanger"

June 30, 2022

This webinar will highlight how the new Pocket Radar Connect feature will allow users to embed velocities into their in-game scoring apps and streaming providers, including GameChanger. You will learn why it was created, which streaming/scoring providers are embracing the new option, and what we have learned along the way through feedback from early customers.
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"Never settle for being average, or just good enough" - Micah Geise's Baseball Journey

April 04, 2022

If someone told me last February (2021) that I was going to hit 100 MPH off the tee in almost exactly one year, I would not have believed them. I knew that with hard work and dedication one day I might be able to hit 100 MPH sometime in my career, but never in my wildest dreams I thought that it would happen in just one year.
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"How New Technology Ecosystems are Empowering Coaches Within the Game"

February 09, 2022

ABCA Expo Theater 2022 | Technology Panel, Presented by Pocket Radar


  • Tom House, MUSTARD
  • Todd Blyleven, The Scout Hub
  • Steve Goody, Pocket Radar
  • Andrew Beile, AthletesGoLive
  • Tom Koerick, Skillshow
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