Smart Display (Model SD2000)

The Smart Display is not a standalone product; It is an accessory that requires connection to the Smart Coach Radar or Pro Radar System via USB cable.

Lightweight and ultra-portable for indoor or on-the-field use, brightness levels adjust automatically to lighting conditions

Includes: Smart Display, AC Power Supply, Two 6-ft USB Cables, Two Carabiner Clips and Detailed Instruction Manual

Warranty: Display 2 years / Accessories 1 year (Details)

    Smart Display Product Specs and Features

    Customer Reviews

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    daniel figueroa
    smart display SD2000

    very professional, I couldn't live without the smart display, instant visualization of your pitches in an encouraging way.
    It only remains to clarify that when you buy the smart display it includes The Right Angled USB Cable to Micro-USB connector. but everything is perfect, thank you

    Kory DeHaan
    Every Rep Counts

    I couldn't love the Smart Display along with my Pocket Radar any more. The guys get instant feedback with every ball they hit. We use it to promote hard line drives in the middle of the field, so we set it up to get the best reads in that area. Thanks Pocket Radar! This helps me coach better without even saying a word.