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No matter the position, knowing your numbers is key to improving performance on the field

  • Hitters: Beat the defense with hard hit line drives
  • Pitchers: Incorporate off-speed pitches to disrupt hitter's timing
  • Catchers: Improve pop-time so base-runners second guess stealing
  • Fielders: Build arm strength and make the tough plays look easy

Benefits of the smart coach radar

Instant Feedback

Get instant feedback any time you throw a ball or swing the bat. Whether you're throwing in a live game setting, a bullpen, or playing catch in the outfield, gain actionable insights on where your velocity is at any given point.

Track Results

Improvement starts with measurement. Track your velocity output within each and every workout to see your progress and development as you grow as a player.

Unmatched Utility

For younger athletes and two-way players (pitcher and hitter) the Pocket Radar Smart Coach is useful in capturing both throwing velocity and exit velocity. Additionally, the Smart Coach can be used to capture throwing velocities from the outfield or across the diamond. Regardless of position or age, Pocket Radar will help quantify performance and output for any player, parent or coach looking for accurate assessment.

Integratable Mobile App

Integrate the Pocket Radar Smart Coach with the Pocket Radar Sports App to leverage video-capturing capabilities. This means every throw or swing can be captured with a mobile device and will present (within video format) the corresponding velocity measurement right there on the screen. This is perfect for anyone looking to share verifiable velocity readings with friends, family, coaches, and college recruiting coordinators.

Perfect For Everyone

Regardless of who you are (parent, player, coach, or other), Pocket Radar's assessment capabilities will greatly amplify any training program and athlete's overall development. Baselining velocity -- whether its throwing velocity or exit velocity -- affords keen insight into a player's potential, strength and capability at any given moment, and helps to better understand what needs to happen to supplement performance moving forward.

Why the Pros Use Pocket Radar

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Love it!

I was so excited to use the radar for the first time and I was not disappointed. I can’t wait to keep using it!


Once you set this up, which is easy to do, you'll want to throw until your arm falls off. So much fun and helpful with your game.

Tuning Fork

Well worth the investment

Traffic (Model PR1000)
Excellent Product

We started using Pocket Radar PR1000 and noted the readings are quiet accurate and very easy to use.

Great product. Best one out there

Great product. Helped our team establish a starting point for out pitchers so we can work from there. Also informed us of the boys exit velo so we can better mold their workouts and become more efficient. Thank you to pocket radar

Makes me feel more confident in my pocket radar

Great tool!

Love using this for a starting point to make goals happen.

Amazing product - use it with my travel team and is really accurate and reliable

Excellent product use it for Cricket the smart coach

Really happy with it as I've just the radar before, my only issue I've had is when I have the video with the app when I send it across to my social media etc it says the speed early before my bowler has delivered the ball on the app itself it's fine, its only when I send it across other platforms, seems out of sync I have emailed the great team could be a setting I need to change, just waiting for a reply, overall amazing product and love the fact I can use the videos for analysis and improvement on bowlers technically and increase in ball velocity, 10/10 5 stars from me

Simple yet complete

This product is simple to operate, but does everything it is advertised to do. I have experienced a few issues with the app, but maybe they will lessen as I get more familiar with it. I would recommend.

So Far So Good

Device is awesome for our facility. Looks great and really adds to the training experience and raises interest in our program.

Smart Coach bundle

The bundle works well and the display is a great addition. This helps the players see results of their hard work.

works great!!!

Awesome cord works perfectly with my tripod.

Universal mount

The universal mount is very good it holds the sports radar in perfect position to record the ball

Display and Smart Coach Bundle

This bundle is very useful and helps motivate the athlete to achieve new goals all while visually showing there progress.

Traffic (Model PR1000)


It’s super easy to use and very small to make transportation easier and more convenient.

Great tool!

Only thing I wish it did better is battery drainage. Recommend using an external power source when using this but it’s an awesome tool!

Great and accurate product!

Definitely worth the money you can gauge progress from your home..

Just what I needed

The tripod and mount work great. Great deal for the price.

Deluxe Tripod
Wil Snyder

Absolutely love it.

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