Traffic (Model PR1000)

This model is specifically designed to accurately monitor the speeds of things that are in motion for several seconds or more like vehicles, runners, radio-controlled cars/planes, etc. This technology has been independently tested and certified accurate by the radar test lab designated by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, (IACP). However, it does not have all the features recommended for Law Enforcement use. This device is NOT intended for Judicial Speed Enforcement applications. 


Product Includes: Radar, Hard-shell Case, Wrist Strap, 2 AAA alkaline batteries and Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

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Steve Gibson
Works great

Nice little unit. Confirms what I knew but now with real data. We have serious speeders! However, a call to local PD with an actual speed brought a cop within minutes. I like it, I just wish it had a rubberized exterior as I feel like I'm going to drop it at times.

Randy Benoit
Good product….

This radar is good but could use 2 more features which are a backlight to the screw so you can see it in the dark and another feature or upgrade to where you don’t have to be sitting still to radar vehicles. Other then that it is good.

Theodore Gabriel
Pocket Radar - Classic

I had the opportunity to use the Classic model of Pocket Radar this week. I am a retired law enforcement officer who used stationary as well as moving radar. In my retirement mode as a volunteer Fire Police Officer and with Pennsylvania’s Slow Down and Move Over law I wanted to see how the public reacts . Well how does the slowest recorded speed of 45 in posted 55 and highest 76 in a posted 55 with emergency scene established. It is my fervent hope that speed cameras will someday be mounted on emergency vehicles to enforce the issues. There are insufficient law enforcement officers to be able to assist at all high speed emergency scenes.

Highly recommend Pocket Radar.

Marvin McCormick
Classic Radar

I love the compactness of the Classic Radar model. I use it in my neighborhood to track the speed of vehicles as they go way too fast. I do wish it had a memory for more than 10 most recent speeds. 20 or more would be good. I also wish it came with the belt clip holster rather than the hard case.

charles barrack
Works as advertised

I compared with police radar and was within 1 mph of their results. This unit allowed me to prove to the police chief that people were speeding on our road. They had been telling me we didn't have a speeding problem. The pocket radar gives you powerful information. Thanks,