Pocket Radar Inc. partners with AthletesGoLive to provide in-game metrics through their services

by Pocket Radar January 04, 2022

Pocket Radar Inc. partners with AthletesGoLive to provide in-game metrics through their services

January 4, 2022

Pocket Radar Inc. & AthletesGoLive have agreed to collaborative, technical integrations that will provide in-game metrics through the AthletesGoLive services, as well as practice & training velocities captured using Pocket Radar technologies.

AthletesGoLive customers will now have the option to upgrade their services to include in-game pitching velocity metrics into the streaming & reporting products they are currently using. Additional in-game & training metrics will be included as they are developed by the Pocket Radar team.

We are looking forward to opening up the world of in-game data capture through live-streamed video to athletes at all levels”, says Taylor Alexander, Director of Strategic Development at Pocket Radar. “Fans of collegiate and professional diamond sports organizations have become accustomed to seeing these metrics while they watch their favorite teams on television. With the mission to democratize world-class technology to everyone from the professional athlete to the player who just joined their first travel ball team, we believe this is a critical step in that direction. AthletesGoLive has a far-reaching & highly-reliable platform that teams from across the United States rely on. We are looking forward to seeing this partnership thrive as both of our companies expand our offerings, elevating this integration year over year”.

“AthletesGoLive is always looking to provide our customers with the next evolution of services to make their experiences better than before, efficient and reliable”, says Andrew Biele, CEO & Co-Founder of AthletesGoLive. “With so many of our coaches utilizing Pocket Radar’s technology, it only made sense to partner up with the team at Pocket Radar and provide our teams, athletes and coaches with a seamless integration between our services and theirs. We’re only scratching the surface on what we can do as partners!”

About AthletesGoLive
AthletesGoLive is a live scoring and live streaming service for sports and athletic events. With an app that focuses on highlighting the athlete and providing them with an aid to compete at the collegiate level, AGL is truly innovating streaming, scoring and stats for fans and athletes. Providing a useful platform to high-school aged competitors is the core foundation of AGL’s mission. With a rapidly growing customer-base, AthletesGoLive is forging the future of aspiring collegiate athletes.

About Pocket Radar
Pocket Radar® Inc. creates trusted, high value simple solutions using superior technology to enable people to rapidly achieve their goals by delivering meaningful metrics and actionable insights. It is one of the premier trusted brands amongst championship-winning high school and collegiate programs nationwide. Their technology has been independently tested and certified accurate by the official test lab for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, (IACP). The same laboratory that certifies all of the radar guns for use by law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada. By providing an affordable and convenient solution to pro-performance radar technology, Pocket Radar has forged a new standard in accurate speed-based training, making it accessible to the masses. More information is available at www.pocketradar.com

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