"How New Technology Ecosystems are Empowering Coaches Within the Game"

by Pocket Radar February 09, 2022

ABCA Expo Theater 2022 | Technology Panel, Presented by Pocket Radar



  • Tom House, MUSTARD
  • Todd Blyleven, The Scout Hub
  • Steve Goody, Pocket Radar
  • Andrew Beile, AthletesGoLive
  • Tom Koerick, Skillshow

Moderated by Taylor Alexander, Pocket Radar


Listen in as some of the brightest minds in the sports tech space as they discuss topics including:

  1. At what point did you realize that data, and more specifically technology, is going to play a key role in the game?
  2. What is the biggest hurdle coaches face with technology?
  3. What is the biggest upside or opportunity that coaches, specifically, can take advantage of now, or can look forward to in the future?
  4. How does tech advance or enable: a. efficiency b. recruiting c. accuracy d. player development
  5. In the tech space specifically, have you guys found it easier to work with other tech companies to accomplish your goals?
  6. How has streaming, and video in general changed the game?
  7. The mobile app space is booming. How can coaches understand the difference between quality and sheer availability?
  8. Biggest piece of advice to coaches out there, as it pertains to technology?

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Pocket Radar
Pocket Radar

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