"Never settle for being average, or just good enough" - Micah Geise's Baseball Journey

by Tyler Scaturro April 04, 2022

We recently noticed a post on social media that really caught our attention:

That young man's name is Micah Geise, and if you watched the video above you will see his year long journey starting from 85 MPH exit velocity and the special moment reaching 100 MPH.  Micah is now a Junior in high school, and those are some phenomenal numbers when in comparison with his peers.

We decided to reach out to him and ask him a few questions regarding his journey and wanted to share his feedback below.

1. How exciting was it to see that 100 MPH exit velo for the first time?

a.  Seeing triple digits on the Pocket Radar gun for the first time was such a special moment for me. I have been working very hard over the last year to become the best baseball player I can be. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to see my first 100 MPH on the gun. It was undoubtedly an exhilarating moment for me hitting triple digits for the first time. 

Quick update, he's not stopping his progress anytime soon:

2. When you started your journey, did you think that it would be possible in 1 year to reach that number?

a.  If someone told me last February (2021) that I was going to hit 100 MPH off the tee in almost exactly one year, I would not have believed them. I knew that with hard work and dedication one day I might be able to hit 100 MPH sometime in my career, but never in my wildest dreams I thought that it would happen in just one year. 

3. How did using the radar as a feedback tool help you go from 85-100 MPH?

a.  Using the Pocket Radar gun has helped me track my progress and it gives me instant feedback. It has also made hitting off the tee more fun for me. Finding out how hard I hit the ball motivated me to hit the ball harder and to get stronger. 

4. Do you currently own a Pocket Radar device? If so, what is your favorite feature?

a.  Yes, I own a Pocket Radar Smart Coach, which I have had for over a year. There are so many useful features, but my favorite feature is continuous mode. Continuous mode allows me to set up the Pocket Radar gun behind a net on a tripod without the device having to be constantly monitored while I hit. Continuous mode is extremely helpful when training alone or when you don’t want to hold the button down each time to measure a hit. Another one of my favorite features is the Pocket Radar app (currently only available with the Smart Coach device). Using the app, I can connect the Pocket Radar to my phone and take video of my swings with the exit velocity number embedded in the video.

5. Since beginning to post your videos on social, have any coaches/schools reached out to you?

a.  I have had a bunch of coaches reach out to me after posting videos on Twitter. I’m just beginning the recruiting process and I haven’t made a commitment anywhere yet.

6. If you could provide any guidance to younger athletes looking to improve, what would you tell them? Would that same guidance apply to athletes that are the same age as you? If not, what would you say that may be different?

a.  One of the most important things for young athletes trying to get better is to be respectful and coachable. When you are given advice from a coach, pay attention to everything they have to say. The way of foolish people seems right to them, but those who are wise listen to advice (Proverbs 12:15). Give them your utmost respect, because they are spending their time investing in you. On and off the field, be respectful of your teammates, coaches, family, and friends. Respect goes a long way, not just in the game of baseball. If you really want to turn your game up a notch, you always have to aim to get better. I would suggest purchasing a Pocket Radar device to track and measure your exit velocity and throwing velocity. If you are an older athlete looking to add physicality and you want to hit and throw the ball harder, I would recommend getting on a baseball-strength specific lifting program. I have been on a baseball-specific lifting program for nearly four months now, and every area of my game (running speed, hitting exit velocity, and throwing velocity) has significantly improved. Never settle for being average or just “good enough,” be the type of person who is always looking to improve and wants to be the best player they can be.

A little background info from Micah:

Micah is a junior at Unioto High School and will play travel baseball for the Canes Ohio Prime 17U this summer. Last year, he was named All-Conference and All-District as a sophomore and also earned a PBR All-State nod. In addition to playing baseball, he also plays soccer. This past fall, he led his soccer team to a State Final Four and a 15-5 record. Micah works very hard in the classroom as well, who maintains straight A’s and has a 4.0 GPA throughout high school.

Check out the video below where Micah uses the radar to dial in the speeds of his pitching machine:

Best of luck to Micah as he continues his baseball journey this year.  If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email sm@PocketRadar.com

Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

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