Featured in SportTechie: "Pocket Radar Gains Traction Among Scouts Ahead of MLB Draft"

by Tyler Scaturro June 11, 2019

Featured in SportTechie:

In the recent SportTechie article titled, "Pocket Radar Gains Traction Among Scouts Ahead of MLB Draft," Joe Lemire interviews Director of Player Personnel and Senior Adviser to the GM of the San Diego Padres, Logan White.  Having been an avid user of the brand's products since their inception, Logan had a few things to say about what he sees as the value behind using the technology and why Pocket Radar's products (including the latest Smart Coach Radar with companion app) are a game-changer in providing accurate velocity in an affordable package. 

Below are a couple of soundbites from the article, starting first with how Logan met co-founder Steve Goody at 2010 Winter Meetings.

Several years ago, he met Steve Goody, co-founder of Pocket Radar, at the winter meetings, and since then the device has been a regular tool he has carried with him.

“It’s really good when you’re in a venue like a high school ballgame or a bullpen,” he said. “You can just put it in your back pocket, and everybody thinks it’s like a little cellphone. They don’t even know you’ve got a radar gun."

Logan also discusses the value of using the discreet device for monitoring pitchers and training in bullpen settings.

White added that Pocket Radar can be used effectively in coaching situations. For example, pitching coaches can get instant feedback in the bullpen.

“They can have it right there and tell the differential between a fastball and a changeup and don’t have to have the big radar gun,” White said. “It’s been a really cool tool, and with the expense of it, it’s been great for high schools and coaches that can’t afford a big radar gun.”

Check out the entire article ($) here: Pocket Radar Gains Traction Among Scouts Ahead of MLB Draft

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