Pocket Radar’s Ball Coach model featured in Engadget Article: “10 high-tech gadgets that will improve your tennis game”

by Tyler Scaturro March 04, 2015


The Ball Coach radar was recently featured in the Engadget article:  10 high-tech gadgets that will improve your tennis game

Here is what the article’s writer, Philip Palermo, had to say about the Ball Coach radar:

 ”Gauging your serve’s accuracy and consistency is fairly easy without fancy equipment, but getting a good bead on your speed can be a bit trickier. Pocket Radar’s Ball Coach ($300) can accurately track speeds from 25 to 130 MPH, which should be plenty for recreational and club-level players. The device is roughly the size of an old-school Nokia 3310; in fact, the instructions suggest holding it like you would a smartphone while taking a photo (in portrait mode for best results).

Your tennis instructor can hold the Ball Coach while you’re working on your serve, or if you’re training solo, you can set it to a “Constant-On” mode and attach it to a tripod via an available mount. The Ball Coach stores the last 25 speed measurements, so you can look back and see how consistent (or inconsistent) you are. In practice, the Ball Coach was quite easy to use and offered instant and, in my case, sobering feedback on the speed of my shots. As the instructions point out, the Ball Coach works best when shots are in line with its beam, rather than perpendicular – something to keep in mind when you’re tracking your game.”

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Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

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