Staying Motivated, with Christopher and His Dad

by Tyler Scaturro July 08, 2020

Staying Motivated, with Christopher and His Dad

We recently spoke with Kevin DesLauriers about his use of the Smart Coach App System with his son, Christopher.  He has been using the feedback of the technology as a motivational tool for hitting and pitching and to also to track his fatigue during lessons.  Learn more about their story below:

1.  How has training with the Smart Coach App System and being able to see his progress helped your son?

Using the pocket radar as a tool is a great motivator for Christopher. We set goals for all of his training and on bullpen days where we typically use the Smart Coach App System, it allows us to quickly identify if he is obtaining the goals. Christopher is striving to reach 60 mph from the set position this summer and by being able to record his sessions with embedded radar readings we can see what is working and what is impeding his progress. In the past month, he has gone from maxing out in the low 50s with an average velocity in the high 40s to consistently hitting 55- 57 mph with an average velocity of 54+ mph with nothing under 51 mph.

2.  Why have you been using the Smart Coach App System?

The Smart Coach App System is extremely accurate and portable. The app has so many great features and having access to your historical data allows you to see the progressions that you are making. Christopher's goal is to reach 60 mph as a 9U player and with 8 months left on the clock, he is almost there.

3.  What is your favorite feature of using the radar?

There are many features that we really like but the ones that we really enjoy are (1) the embedded video and radar reading as it allows us to pair his mechanics with radar readings, (2) identifying the range of velocities that the radar will capture. We don't want to have to go back and delete all of the 30 mph throws back from dad. 

4.  Why would you recommend using the Smart Coach App System as a tool for other parents to help their children improve their skills?

As I mentioned, the Smart Coach App System is a great motivator as children love the immediate feedback and seeing their numbers. It keeps them accountable. There is no fooling the radar. If you are not putting in 100% effort it will let you know. If you start seeing numbers that are noticeably lower than what you see then you know that they are tired or they are not giving their all.

Best of luck to Christopher as he continues to stay motivated with his father Kevin and improve his numbers over the coming year. If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email

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