Smart Coach Radar™ App System Training Bundle

The Smart Coach App System, with its unique ability to automatically capture videos with embedded velocities, allows you to continue to work remotely with your coaches and participate in recruiting/scouting activities. Immediate video and velocity feedback, while training on your own at home, has been shown to result in an accelerated improvement of skills.

Compatible with Pocket Radar App


  • Apple Devices Running iOS 14 and above.
  • Leading Android Devices Running OS 10.0 and above.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 4.0 and above.

Product Includes: Smart Coach Radar, Deluxe Tripod, Universal Mount, Right Angle USB Cable, Tripod Mount, Soft-Shell Belt Holster Case, Wrist Strap, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, Quick Start Guide

Warranty: Radar 2 years / Accessories 1 year (Details)

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Radar & Accessory Bundle

Product Specs and Features

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Scogin
Perfect package

This was the perfect package for our needs. Love the pocket radar and the tripod and charging cable make it perfect for all day tournaments at the park. Perfect to pair with sideline hd to monitor speeds like a MLB game.

Brenton Brown
Great Tool

After working with the Pocket Radar and the App it allows athletes to immediately see their progress. The ability to analyze videos with the instant feedback from a velocity standpoint is a great to allow athletes to make adjustments and see them work.

Jerad P
Disc golf smart coach

I have been using the smart coach to help me practice disc golf in the winter using a throwing net indoors. Setting up the tripod just about 8' behind me, leaving just a few feet between me and the net, and with throws very much on the low end of what the specs say it can detect, it still has given a reading on every throw. I love the continuous video mode where I can take several throws in a row and review them with automatically cut video. Looking forward to outdoor use! Battery drain is high, but that's what USB power packs are for.

scott t
Good deal

As advertised. Can not state enough, how advantageous the right tool is to a baseball program. Kids are having fun with it and I wish I had this when I was young. The ability to link to a smart phone and the tripod is great for setting up a station for practice.

Great teaching tool

This Smart Coach has so many features that will help grow these kids and help us parents/coaches know that we are making gains. Super easy to use and the app is great and will probably get better with time. Regular batteries go dead fast so I just ordered a separate USB battery pack, definitely recommended.