Smart Coach Radar™ Bundle with Smart Display

  • Pair the Smart Coach Radar and Smart Display Accessory via USB for a full 3 digit display visible up to 100 feet in bright sunlight with a wide-viewing angle
  • Accurate Exit Velocities, pitching speeds, shooting speeds, serving speeds and more can be displayed in bright red LED and announced via speaker
  • Lightweight and ultra-portable for indoor or on-the-field use, brightness levels adjust automatically to lighting conditions
  • Power using 4 standard Alkaline C-size batteries, portable USB power packs or AC power

Compatible with Pocket Radar App


  • Apple Devices Running iOS 15.8 and above.

  • Leading Android Devices Running OS 10.0 and above.

  • Bluetooth® connectivity 4.0 and above.

Product Includes:  Smart Coach Radar, Smart Display, AC Power Supply, Two 6-ft USB Cables, Two Carabiner Clips and Detailed Instruction Manual

*Deluxe Tripod and Universal Mount not included

Warranty: Radar and Display 2 years / Accessories 1 year (Details)

USB Power Pack accessory examples

Radar & Display Bundle

Smart Coach Radar Product Specs and Features

Smart Display Product Specs and Features

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jose Castro
Travel ball coach and high school

Works great ,used it in one of are high school games and my pitching coach was thrilled.

Andrew Kiely
So far so good.

I purchased pocket reader to help my sons pitching progress. This devices has helped him develop his mix of pitches. He is 14 and was focusing too much on trying
to see how fast he could throw. Pocket radar has helped him focus on the need to keep batters off balance with a mixture of pitches with different speeds. He just turned 14 years old and is six feet two inches tall. The speed will come with age and more training. He is becoming a smarter pitcher because of pocket radar. The history feature is great for tracking his development, Look forward to using the embedded MPH in highlight videos, So far So good!

Southpaw Baseball Company
Stellar Product

Awesome product awesome company

Chris Peer
Great Product

While I am still testing the system in different situations the resource is extreme useful to see immediate feed back from actions when working to improve. The only problem is that young players tend to get to obsessed with the radar gun. Leading to disappointment if they do not hit a certain number. But again, making adjustments and see actionable results is very good to have available.

tim dubay
I love it

You can make this so fun with the kids in training and watch them reach new levels. Plus it’s a big hit with the crowd