Sports App - Version 2.0.19

Apple Watch Integration

Now includes Apple Watch Integration! With this release, Apple Watch users can now access speeds directly on their wrist. Simply start a session on your Apple device (iPhone or iPad), then open your Pocket Radar Sports app on your Apple Watch. It is that simple.

Here is how it works:

  • Using your iPhone or iPad, start a new session by tapping the Start New Session button. Fill in the appropriate information about your session and tap Start Session. 
  • On your Apple Watch, open the Pocket Radar Sports app. That’s it! Any speeds that are captured by your Smart Coach Radar will now be displayed both on your Apple device and your Apple Watch. By default, you will see the Speed screen which will display each individual speed as it is detected. Want to see a list of your previous speeds during the session? Swipe to the left and see the list of all speeds in your current session.

Want to listen to music when you practice and hear your speeds? No problem, simply swipe to the right to access your default media player to control your music from Spotify, Apple Music or any other media apps. When a speed is detected, you will hear the speed announced on top of the music you have playing.

Note: To hear your speeds through Bluetooth® headphones, you must have Speed Announcements turn on in the settings of the Pocket Radar Sports app.

Apple Watch Designs


Here is more information on how to open apps on an Apple Watch:


Account Deletion

  • Per Apple’s new guidelines, we have included a feature that allows you to delete your account from within the app. Simply go to the More tab, tap on Account and select “Delete Account”. 
  • NOTE: When deleting your account, all information will be removed including any profile information. This action can’t be undone.


Rate this App

  • Want to rate our new Sports app? You can now rate the app quickly and easily by going to the More tab and tap the “Rate This App” link. This will link directly to the rating functionality within the Apple App Store.