Sports App - Version 2.1.5

What’s New!
  • Customer Support - added the ability to delete stranded videos from the device.
  • Edit Profile - added the ability to change a users email.
  • Sessions - when you delete a session or the last measurement of a session, it will now delete the associated video.
  • Capture - added an opaque background to the end session button.
Bug Fixes:
  • Capture - fixed a crash when zooming on devices without a telescope lense.
  • Capture - speed range defaults to 30-130 MPH instead of 25-130 MPH.
  • Players - fixed a bug where editing the active player would cause a blank screen.
  • More - fixed broken PocketRadar PLUS link.
  • Sessions - fixed a bug where newly created sessions would not appear until the app restarted.
  • CV Calibration - fixed softball circumference hints from  to "".
  • CV Calibration - circumference now included in CV metadata.
  • CV Calibration - fixed a bug where the bullseye would not show up correctly after the first setup.