Tennis Reviews

Ken DeHart, Master Professional (USPTA and PTR)

"It has been the easiest radar gun I’ve ever used. We use it not only for the serve, but also to measure groundstroke speed and volley speed. We actually talk to the kids about the speed they hit the ball at, and then measure that speed so that when they hit it, they get a feel for how fast they should swing racquet-head speed wise."

Mike Gennette, Cal Lutheran University (2016 USTA and the US Olympic Committee Player Development Coach of the Year)

"I absolutely love the new Ball Coach radar with the constant on feature. This is by far the best radar device on the market and I have used them all. Not only is it pocket sized, but it is accurate and measures every shot. No more missed serves that upset your student and embarrass the coach. This gun catches everything! The price is unbeatable. There is no way any coach should even consider any other device. Plus players can use it when they practice on their own. They can set up the Ball Coach radar on a tripod, use the Constant-On feature and look at their speeds at any time. I have even used it from a chair behind and below the server with incredible accuracy. The two top technologies for high performance coaches today are video analysis and the Ball Coach radar!"

Lisa Dodson, Creator of ServeMaster (USPTA certified Elite Professional and a MTMCA L3 certified professional)

"Incredibly accurate – an ability to tell your students how much they have improved every time they come out onto the court."

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