Smart Coach Radar™ App System (Model SR1100)

The Smart Coach App System, with its unique ability to automatically capture videos with embedded velocities, allows you to continue to work remotely with your coaches and participate in recruiting/scouting activities. Immediate video and velocity feedback, while training on your own at home, has been shown to result in an accelerated improvement of skills.

Compatible with Pocket Radar App


  • Apple Devices Running iOS 10 and above.
  • Leading Android Devices Running OS 6.0 and above.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 4.0 and above.

Product Includes: Radar, Soft-Shell Belt Holster Case, Wrist Strap, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, Quick Start Guide and 2 Year Warranty

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Product Specs and Features

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
This thing rocks!!!

So while the radar is great, even if it didn't tell tell me the speed it would be worth it’s weight in good for it’s ability to automatically clip videos

So amazing to go back through and see why is going right and what is going wrong

Don’t get me wrong the radar is fantastic but the ability to automatically clip discreet videos is gold!

Pocket Radar Smart Coach

Awesome tool. We use them for our recruiting videos. Spot on in terms of what coaches are looking for - metrics that are validated. Thanks.

Great Radar in a small device

Best tool for coaches! Easy to to use and can throw in your coach’s bag and have plenty of space.

Easy and accurate

Although the cost is high, the ease and accuracy of the Smart Coach is amazing. Able to get quick footage and reads. I have another radar gun that cost less, but accuracy was always off. I was using right next to a scout using a Stalker and we were getting the same readings. Also found out you can have a lot more flexibility with the distance and still get accurate readings. From the Bluetooth to the auto edit features, it's amazing. I have spent my share of money on baseball, this by far, has been my best purchase.

Amazing training and and value

I've had my eyes on the pocket radar for a while. Finally pulled the gun, no pun intended, and purchased this radar gun. Amazing tool that we'll incorporate throughout our practices. Giving objective feedback is crucial to player development. Happy to have a pocket radar!

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