"All Things Good Sports" Podcast Team Interviews Brand Manager, Tyler Scaturro

by Pocket Radar October 22, 2019

Pocket Radar Brand Manager, Tyler Scaturro, speaks with the team from the "All Things Good Sports" podcast series about a variety of topics.

Episode Description: In this episode, we interview Tyler Scaturro, the brand manager for a rapidly growing sports technology company Pocket Radar! We discuss what makes their technology more advanced than traditional radar systems, how this technology can help individual baseball players train, how the radar systems can help youth coaches, how the advanced statistics and analytics from new technology is changing sports, and more! Tyler is also a former college baseball player so he has great insight to how these tools can be used. This interview was different from ones we have done in the past with pro athletes, but we thought it would be interesting to share a conversation with someone highly successful in the world of sports! The Pocket Radar systems are used by all MLB organizations at some level as well as by pro athletes including Tom Brady for individual training.

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