Ball Coach Radar Named Best Of Show at ABCA Baseball Coaches Convention 2014 in Dallas, Texas

by Tyler Scaturro February 14, 2014

We are excited to announce that the brand new product from Pocket Radar Inc., the Ball Coach™, has been selected as one of the prestigious Best Of Show winners by Collegiate Baseball for the 2014 ABCA Convention.  Click Here to check out the Best Of Show article featuring the Ball Coach™ in the January issue of Collegiate Baseball.

The American Baseball Coaches Assocication (ABCA) holds an annual convention at the beginning of the year to honor the past baseball season’s award winners ranging from High School to College, and showcase new products for those attending.  Pocket Radar, Inc. has been an exhibit hall regular at the convention since introducing the Pocket Radar Classic in 2010, and this year was extra special.

For the first time in company history, we introduced a brand new second generation product designed for coaching and training.  Here is a little more info on the new Ball Coach™:

The Ball Coach™ is specifically designed to find the fastest speed of a ball in flight off the bat and out of the hand.  Powerful new features allow you to focus on the coaching and training, and not on the radar gun.  Designed to easily measure athlete performance, the Ball Coach™ is the ideal training tool for coaches and athletes looking to accelerate skills improvement.  New easy triggering capabilities eliminate the manual timing requirements the Pocket Radar™ Classic model offers.  Simply hold the button down well before the ball is in flight and release once the speed is displayed.  Enter the brand new Constant-On Mode and place on a tripod with any smartphone tripod mount for hands-free automatic trigger operation. This allows you to focus on the coaching and training while getting measurements at the same time.  With the deeper recall memory, you can now review the previous 25 speed readings.

Here is what 3-Time Div. 1 National Coach of the Year and 2-Time National Championship winning head coach, Andy Lopez, from the University of Arizona has to say about the new Ball Coach™:

“The Ball Coach provides easy and accurate speed measurement of pitching and hitting skills. Innovative features and small size make it the perfect radar gun. With the deep memory and hands-free Constant-On Mode, it is the ideal training tool on the field and in the bullpen and cages every day. If you are looking to elevate player performance, you need to own the Ball Coach.”

The Ball Coach™ created a lot of buzz at the 2014 ABCA convention; it was even a featured part of the first-ever Hitting Hot Stove.  The presentation panel included Nino Giarratino, University of San Francisco head coach, Don Slaught, founder of Right View Pro and former professional ballplayer, and Perry Husband, professional hitting instructor.  The attendance level even exceeded the room limit, causing coaches to watch from outside the room or sitting down in between the aisles of chairs.

Please visit to learn more and discover why the Ball Coach™ is the ideal choice for baseball.


Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

Brand Manager (2012 - current)

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