Getting Attention from College Coaches, with Eric Coble (Father, 14U)

by Tyler Scaturro February 16, 2021

Getting Attention from College Coaches, with Eric Coble (Father, 14U)

We recently had the pleasure of receiving some Smart Coach Radar & app feedback from Eric Coble, father of Ashleia Coble (14 year old freshman at Zion Christian Academy in Columbia, TN. 2024 graduate. She also plays for the Alabama Sparks Elite 14u travel team). "It allowed me to show accurately her OV, EV, and pitching speeds (both fastball and change up). Now when she emails coaches she can add the link to her recruiting video produced using the Smart coach. Coaches now know the numbers listed are accurate and hopefully will draw their attention to her pitching live in showcase tournaments.

He was also able to answer a few questions for our team and send over a few video clips during practice and game settings.

1.  How has training with Pocket Radar and being able to see the progress helped your daughter improve her skills?

It’s a tremendous training tool when used correctly. I only use it for a few minutes during each pitching session after she has thrown around 25 to 30 pitches. When her mechanics are working well she can immediately see that her velocity is going up. It has also helps in working with her change up as her goal is to be 10 to 15 mph slower than fast ball. This lets us immediately know if she is in that range.

2.  Why have you been using Pocket Radar?

Simple, best product on the market. I not only use it during lessons, but I can use it live games to see if there is an uptick or drop in speed compared to lessons.

3.  What is your favorite feature of using the radar and app?

No doubt the ability to connect to phone and video record the pitch with speed.

4.  Why would you recommend other parents utilize this tech with coaching and training?

Not only is it a great tool for pitchers, but for recruiting purposes an athlete can send videos to coaches proving their pitching, hitting, and throwing velocities are realistic and not made up.

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