Both Super Bowl QBs Training with Pocket Radar Technology

by Tyler Scaturro February 05, 2021

Both Super Bowl QBs Training with Pocket Radar Technology

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers get set to host the Kansas City Chiefs at home for Super Bowl 55, all eyes will be on the two QBs leading their teams into the biggest game of the year.  The young gunslinger, Patrick Mahomes, looking to run it back for a second straight title, going up against the player that many consider to be the GOAT (greatest of all time), Tom Brady.  Even though an 18 year age gap separates the 2 quarterbacks, you wouldn't know it based on their strong performances.

While Mahomes is well known for his unbelievable arm strength and creativity in the pocket, the elder Brady is now slouch when it comes to both of those areas as well.  Here is a little throwback to a blog story from 2 seasons ago when some analysts and critics thought the writing was on the wall for Brady's career (newsflash, they were totally wrong):

Quite the surprise for the Pocket Radar team on Thursday June 27, 2019.  New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady, decided to hit back at his critics (specifically Max Kellerman of ESPN's "First Take") when he added a picture (accompanied with the text "He's Gonna Fall Off a Cliff") to his Instagram Story with the Ball Coach radar registering 61 MPH.

That throwing velocity is extremely impressive when you take in to account a couple of things: first, the man is a couple months short of turning 42, and second, that result is right at the top of all quarterback velocities measured at the NFL Combine each year.  Here is a list of all the NFL Combine Quarterback Ball Velocities from 2008-2019 (courtesy of  There's a reason the man, aptly named the GOAT (greatest of all time), should never be doubted.

Gearing up for this season, you could tell Patrick Mahomes had one thing on his mind, ring #2. The fact that he trains each offseason with Bobby Stroupe and Team APEC lets you know that he wasn't messing around either.  Bobby is also a big fan of utilizing our technology to measure progress as athletes are building strength and speed.  

We have been using Pocket Radar products for years to help us train some of the strongest arms in MLB and the NFL. The new Smart Coach Radar allows us to overlap velocity monitoring with video analysis from any angle. The ability to video transformation zones from different coaching views while still getting an accurate velocity reading is huge! We leverage this technology for so many different ways at APEC. From sprint technique to QB training, pitching, exit velocity, med ball throws (example in the image above), you name it.

Before this season began, Mahomes posted a video to his Twitter account that was filmed at the Team APEC facilities.  You can see at the :40 second mark where he is being measured on med ball throws with our technology.

Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

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