Play Ball Kid Podcast Interview with Brand Manager, Tyler Scaturro

by Pocket Radar December 16, 2020

Play Ball Kid Podcast Interview with Brand Manager, Tyler Scaturro

Pocket Radar's Brand Manager, Tyler Scaturro, was recently featured on the Play Ball Kid Podcast series.  Titled, "Developing Velocity, Rehab & Injury Prevention," Tyler speaks with host Sammy Eisenberg about:

  • Tyler's path from college baseball player to Pocket Radar's Product Manager
  • Why some people call Pocket Radar the best kept secret in sports
  • There meeting last year at the ABCA convention and the release of Smart Coach and app
  • Best practices for capturing velocity and videos with Pocket Radar
  • What kind of impact teams and coaches have seen from using the Pocket Radar (this one might surprise you)
  • How kids can leverage the timing window for developing velocity.

Listen to the episode below:

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About Play Ball Kid Podcast:

Sammy Eisenberg, 2023 pitcher & first baseman is your host. Share in the development of a motivated baseball player and athlete as he interviews current & former professionals around the game of baseball. From MLB, Milb to leading coaches & thinkers in the game. The goal of the show is to help give you “bite size” episodes to improve your skills & knowledge of the game of baseball.

Visit website at or Instagram page @playballkid

Podcast Host: Sammy Eisenberg

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