Pocket Radar® and ArmCare Partner to Transform Athlete Performance

by Tyler Scaturro December 06, 2022

Pocket Radar® and ArmCare Partner to Transform Athlete Performance

ArmCare and Pocket Radar have announced a partnership to develop a comprehensive toolkit for coaches and athletes to measure, monitor, and improve throwing performance and reduce arm injuries.

INDIALANTIC, FL, December 6, 2022- ArmCare, the leading arm health tracking and injury prevention tool for throwers, is excited to announce a partnership with Pocket Radar, the industry leader in capturing accurate speed-based metrics accessible to everyone.

ArmCare’s revolutionary technology helps track and monitor the arm health of any athlete, from Little League to the Major Leagues.  The company’s state-of-the-art system collects data on arm strength, fatigue, range of motion, and other factors to help detect potential injury risks.  The app-based technology also delivers a training program customized to that player based on their arm strength and fatigue to help develop top performers.

Pocket Radar’s technology is currently utilized by players and coaches at the professional levels, and by parents and players training in their backyards. Providing software and hardware solutions tailored for player development and recruiting, Pocket Radar’s new app platform is a powerful tool for athletes looking to improve their game and have their metrics be seen by coaches across the country.

The partnership between ArmCare and Pocket Radar combines the best of both companies’ technologies to measure and track progress for more effective and targeted training.

“One of our key goals  is to provide coaches and athletes with  the technology  they need to measure and improve performance,” said Pocket Radar Marketing Director, Tyler Scaturro.  “Partnering with ArmCare to relay the importance of gaining velocity, while having a key focus on arm health, is something we are proud to share with our community. We are excited to see athletes at all levels improve their performance, and do so in a healthy manner with this comprehensive system.”

ArmCare President Duggan Moran echoed those sentiments.  “Research shows that if you get stronger, you can throw harder and protect your arm from damage. With ArmCare and Pocket Radar,players can track and customize their training to meet their full potential.”


Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

Brand Manager (2012 - current)

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