Progress Over the Years, with Kevin Roberts Jr.

by Tyler Scaturro October 28, 2022

Progress Over the Years, with Kevin Roberts Jr.

We love hearing feedback from users of our technology whether they just started using it or have been for years. Kevin Roberts Jr. and his father have been using Pocket Radar technology over the past half decade to set his baseline and measure his progress in-game and while training.  Now 14 years old, he has seen his pitching velocity rise from 60 mph all the way to 90 MPH!

Not only is that an incredible number for his age throwing from the mound, but he is also a phenomenal all-around player with the bat also.  Check out this clip from him capturing his exit velo at home. Below is some additional feedback on the importance of utilizing the technology and a recent video clip from a game while using the Pocket Radar App.

1.  How has training with Pocket Radar and being able to see your progress helped you improve heading into the season?

It has helped me a lot because it gives me a baseline of where I’m at and It helps me to set goals and build off of them for future references.

See clip from when Kevin was 8 years old throwing 58 MPH

2.  Why have you been using Pocket Radar?

I’ve been using The pocket Radar because It gives me a visual not just for max velo but mostly when I’m throwing a certain percentage. It keeps me at that number and helps me feel what percent I’m trying to throw such as 50% , 60%, etc.

3.  What is your favorite feature of using the radar?
My favorite feature Is the Bluetooth setting where I can go back and actually see a swing or a pitch on video and the mph in the top right hand corner.

4.  Why would you recommend using Pocket Radar as a tool for other athletes during training?

I would recommend for athletes of all ages during training because It gives direct feedback and easy to use and not bulky like the big radar guns. I literally can keep It in my pocket without any problems.

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We would like to wish the best of luck to Kevin as he continues his baseball journey! If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email

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