Pocket Radar Ball Coach Model Becomes the “Official Radar Gun” for National Scouting Report

by Tyler Scaturro April 03, 2015

Pocket Radar Ball Coach Model Becomes the “Official Radar Gun” for National Scouting Report

April 3, 2015 –  Pocket Radar, Inc. is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with the National Scouting Report for the Ball Coach radar to become the “Official Radar Gun” for scouting and prospect evaluations. Together, Pocket Radar and NSR will continue to help players and scouts evaluate different areas of performance and abilities across all sports.

NSR is the most revered high school scouting and college recruiting organization in the world. Since 1980, college coaches have depended on NSR to present quality prospects for recognition, evaluation and recruitment. As an NSR prospect, you can rely on our company of professionals to effectively promote you, and to make your profile and videos available to every college coach in America in your sport.

As the trusted source for college coaches looking to recruit athletes since 1980, the validity of our (NSR’s) scouting evaluations on potential prospects is essential,” said Robby Wilson, National Director of Softball Scouting for NSR.  ”That’s why we’ve chosen for years to use the Pocket Radar’s Ball Coach, for truth, accuracy, and validity in our metrics and evaluations. This partnership is something that has been in front of our eyes for years without us knowing it, and we are excited to formally let everyone know.”

The Ball Coach radar is a pro-level radar gun and speed-training tool for player development through one-on-one coaching or self-guided drills, with hands-free operation keeping it simple. By making crucial results like hitting power, pitching speeds and throwing speeds instantly visible, training with the Ball Coach radar helps athletes get better, faster.

We are very excited to be partnering with a company that has the pedigree of respect that NSR commands,” said Steve Goody, CEO and co-founder of Pocket Radar. “They are a worldwide organization that has excelled in sending over 90% of their prospects to the college level. Our Ball Coach radar is a perfect fit to help not only their scouts, but also the athletes themselves assess and evaluate their performance with objective data and numbers.”

About National Scouting Report
The recruiting process for athletes becomes more competitive every day, and the recruiting process starts earlier and earlier every day. There is much more to the process then showing up at a camp or playing in a showcase. The old saying “if you’re good enough, they will find you”, wasn’t true then and isn’t true now.  The scouting staff of NSR is dedicated to finding scholarship opportunities for athletes that possess the talent, desire, and motivation to compete at the collegiate level. They provide athletic evaluations, academic guidance, and an in depth education on the recruiting process. Upon successful evaluation and qualification into our program, National Scouting Report will provide the appropriate link between the student athlete and the colleges and universities across the country.  College coaches have depended on NSR to present them with quality prospects to evaluate and recruit that can legitimately play, study and compete for their program. Over 90% of NSR prospects receive college offers from NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA institutions.  For more information on National Scouting Report: http://nsr-inc.com

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Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

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