Pocket Radar PLUS Named Best of Show at 2023 ABCA Convention

by Tyler Scaturro January 25, 2023

Pocket Radar PLUS Named Best of Show at 2023 ABCA Convention

Our upcoming software subscription feature, Pocket Radar PLUS, was recently awarded Best Of Show at the 2023 ABCA Convention. This was the 5th time the prestigious award has been bestowed upon our technology (previous winners include our Smart Coach Radar and Pro Radar System).  Here's more information about our latest award-winning technology that will first be available via iOS devices starting February 1, 2023:

Pocket Radar PLUS provides unparalleled integration with leading scoring, streaming and player development apps, connecting in-game and practice data for recruiting and development has never been more seamless. With additional features like slo-mo video capture and pitch tagging, real-time objective feedback from video and verified data helps identify the strengths of each individual athlete and provides a blueprint for helping athletes to reach and sustain their potential.

 More information on the additional features that will be included with the subscription:

- Pocket Radar CONNECT: Add velocities into your favorite streaming & scoring providers to enhance your game experiences. Current partners include GameChanger, AthletesGoLive, SidelineHD and Sporfie. More coming soon!

- PITCH TAGGING / CHARTING: Dive deeper into your games and bullpens with location and pitch type selections associated with each velocity.

- SLOW-MOTION VIDEO CAPTURE: Better video performance allows you to break down each video frame into slow motion to review mechanics.

For a full list of the 2023 award winners, please visit Collegiate Baseball News.

Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

Brand Manager (2012 - current)

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