Pocket Radar Launches Subscription Plan to Bring Professional Level Athlete Technology to All

by Tyler Scaturro February 01, 2023 1 Comment

Pocket Radar Launches Subscription Plan to Bring Professional Level Athlete Technology to All

A revolutionary new subscription plan that includes unlimited access to all Pocket Radar Connect partnering apps and additional features

Santa Rosa, CA — February 1, 2023 -- Pocket Radar, the industry leader in capturing accurate speed-based metrics accessible to everyone, announces today the launch of its first ever subscription offering, Pocket Radar PLUS.  By providing unparalleled integration capabilities with leading scoring, streaming and player development apps, connecting in-game and practice data for recruiting and development has never been more seamless. With additional new features like slo-motion video capture, pitch tagging/charting and more to come in the future, Pocket Radar PLUS will provide a more comprehensive and complete software platform experience for Pocket Radar users.

We chose to lean into what our customers value us most for: simplicity, accuracy, affordability, and access to necessary, quality data,” said Taylor Alexander, VP of Strategy and Business Development with Pocket Radar.  “Just like the athletes that make up a National Championship or World Series winning team, we are focused on being the best at our position by adding new features like pitch tagging and slo-motion video to make the data more contextually meaningful and useful. Through the Pocket Radar CONNECT platform, our technology now adds important data sets to an entire ecosystem of solutions and partner apps that coaches, athletes and teams depend on.

Pocket Radar’s technology is currently being utilized by championship winning coaches at the highest levels, to parents and players training in their backyards. Providing new software solutions tailored for player development and recruiting, athletes looking to improve their game and have their metrics be seen by coaches across the country has never been more accessible. Their Pocket Radar CONNECT platform allows users to embed velocities into their favorite in-game scoring and streaming apps, including GameChanger, AthletesGoLive, SidelineHD and Sporfie (with more in the future).

“Pocket Radar’s integration with GameChanger has taken Live Streaming and Scoring games to a new level,” said Alex Trezza, Baseball Market Manager of GameChanger by DICK'S Sporting Goods.“In a sport driven by data, this has added a new level of analytics and fan experience while watching baseball and softball live streams. Seeing the velo of every pitch while watching games and also being able to see the results in the play by play, will provide great benefits to our fans, coaches and players on the GameChanger platform.”

Using the new ‘pitch tagging’ feature included with a Pocket Radar PLUS subscription, coaches and players can now track pitch types and locations, adding more context than ever before to each event of a practice or game session. Pocket Radar’s upcoming integration withBaseballCloud will do the rest - providing filterable heat maps and other pro-grade charts created to bring the data captured to life for all users throughout the broader markets of baseball and softball.

Pairing the reliability of Pocket Radar with the unbeatable data visuals and reports of BaseballCloud/SoftballCloud, gives every single athlete on my rosters an advantage,” said Scott Smith, National Program Director and Head Coach of Bombers Fastpitch. “Whether it’s overhand throwing, pitching or tee work drills, we can now track practice and in-game performance much easier.  This will help us win big games, get players recruited and develop our athletes to their greatest potential.

By maximizing the power of tying together in-game and practice metrics through the integration of affordable and accessible solutions, Pocket Radar PLUS will be a game changer for baseball and softball organizations across the country. Real-time objective feedback from video and verified data helps identify the strengths of each individual athlete and provides a blueprint for helping athletes to reach and sustain their potential.  With an integration to the CURVE Player Development app fromDiamond Allegiance, Pocket Radar PLUS will be utilized by many of the top travel ball organizations across the country to train and develop players.

“Our organization, and many others at The Diamond Allegiance, are diving head-first into Pocket Radar PLUS,” said Eric Lassiter, Director of Power Baseball Organization.  “We view Pocket Radar as an essential tool to our player development and coaching efforts; especially with the addition of the new slo-motion video and pitch tagging features. Pocket Radar PLUS also allows our athletes an affordable way to connect to so many other apps and services, like the CURVE Player Development app, that Diamond Allegiance provides to our teams.”

Pocket Radar PLUS will be introduced at multi-tier subscription options, including $4.99/month or $49.99/annually, and also provide a 30-day free trial for new subscribers. It is currently only available on iOS devices through the Pocket Radar Sports App, with Android coming later this year.  To utilize the app and subscription successfully, you will need to pair aSmart Coach Radar (Bluetooth® enabled). 

For more information, please visit PocketRadar.com/PLUS.

About Pocket Radar, Inc:
Pocket Radar® creates trusted, high value simple solutions using superior technology to enable people to rapidly achieve their goals by delivering meaningful metrics and actionable insights. They are one of the premier trusted brands amongst championship-winning high school and collegiate programs nationwide. Their technology has been independently tested and certified accurate by the official test lab for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, (IACP). Pocket Radar empowers individuals of all ages, communities and businesses through their innovative sensor technologies and solutions. More information is available atwww.pocketradar.com 

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