Pocket Radar Inc. & SidelineHD join forces to enhance in-game streaming experiences

by Tyler Scaturro February 09, 2023

Pocket Radar Inc. & SidelineHD join forces to enhance in-game streaming experiences

Pocket Radar Inc. & SidelineHD join forces to enhance in-game streaming experiences through integration of velocity with video.

Santa Rosa, CA — February 1, 2023 -- Pocket Radar, the industry leader in capturing accurate speed-based metrics accessible to everyone, is partnering with SidelineHD, a livestreaming platform with auto-scoreboard, auto-highlights, and auto-sharing features. Inside the new Pocket Radar PLUS subscription offering, teams and admins now have the option to integrate both technologies through the Pocket Radar CONNECT platform, which provides unparalleled integration capabilities with leading scoring, streaming and player development apps.

Pocket Radar’s core technology is currently being utilized by championship winning coaches at the highest levels, to parents and players training in their backyards. Providing new software solutions tailored for player development and recruiting, athletes looking to improve their game and have their metrics be seen by coaches across the country has never been more accessible. The Pocket Radar CONNECT platform will allow users to embed velocities into their favorite in-game scoring and streaming apps, including SidelineHD.

“Livestreamers use sidelineHD to create the best possible live game feeds on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter,” says Ben Jun, CEO of sidelineHD. “In-game velo from Pocket Radar CONNECT takes our live scoreboards to the next level.  Pitcher families love that pitched velo shows in game streams and in the automatic videos that are cut with every plate appearance.”

About sidelineHD
SidelineHD enables youth sports teams to produce ESPN-like livestreams.  With sidelineHD, parents can send scoreboard-enabled baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, hockey, and water polo games directly to the team’s own Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages.  We text 100,000+ automatic highlight clips to team families every weekend.  Learn more at home.sidelineHD.com.

About Pocket Radar
Pocket Radar® creates trusted, high value simple solutions using superior technology to enable people to rapidly achieve their goals by delivering meaningful metrics and actionable insights. They are one of the premier trusted brands amongst championship-winning high school and collegiate programs nationwide. Pocket Radar empowers individuals of all ages, communities and businesses through their innovative sensor technologies and solutions. More information is available at www.pocketradar.com

Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

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