Pocket Radar makes 2018 Spring Training appearance in Bradenton, FL

by Tyler Scaturro March 15, 2018

Pocket Radar makes 2018 Spring Training appearance in Bradenton, FL

The image above was provided by Pirates Minor League hitting coach, Kory DeHaan, at Spring Training in Bradenton, Florida. He is working on capturing hitters exit velocities on the field during BP. Here is his feedback on the product:

"The Ball Coach radars have been a tremendous addition to our coaching staff as we continue to 'train to the truth' in our practices. The players and staff both enjoy the immediate feedback. It keeps are focus more on having the players compete athletically rather than mechanically. Keep up the great work!"

Many coaches in multiple sports have found the value of adding speed measurements into practice as a powerful training aid for their players and coaching methods. Unlike the bulkier and more expensive radar guns of the past, used exclusively by scouts to measure fastball velocity, the Ball Coach radar was designed as a training tool for coaches and athletes of all ages. It is just as accurate within 120 feet of range on a baseball/softball, and its discreet size makes it ideal for measuring youth and professional athletes without affecting behavior.

We are firmly entrenched in the era of analytics in athlete training and having accurate data of player performance right at your fingertips. Professional sports, leading apparel companies and more are utilizing technology to get insight into how athletes train and improve performance. One metric currently being used at the highest levels of baseball and softball that has trickled down into the high school and youth levels is a hitter’s Exit Velocity. Exit Velocity (the speed of the ball of the bat) is measured using a radar gun and is the only direct measure of the power behind a hit. Studies have proven that for every extra 1 MPH added to Exit Velocity, the ball will travel an estimated 4-6 feet further of distance, depending on its trajectory and launch angle. That means it has a direct effect on whether a player has warning track power or home run power, if they can drive the ball into the gaps for extra-base hits, and if they can hit the ball hard enough to put more pressure on the defense and slow down their reaction time.

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Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

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