Utilizing Visual Feedback, with Charles South, Jr.

by Tyler Scaturro July 21, 2020

Utilizing Visual Feedback, with Charles South, Jr.

Charles South, Jr. fills us in on how using the Smart Coach App System with his boys has helped them improve their numbers using video for visual feedback:

1.  How has training with the new Smart Coach Radar and being able to show your son video of himself with velocities helped him gear up for the season?

Having the Smart Coach Radar App System gives me an opportunity to have a visual tool to provide feedback. If most parents are like me, your kids don't necessarily take just verbal feedback in a positive way or just don't want to hear it from Dad or Mom. The ability to show video not only provides the velocity but with that data opportunities to adjust mechanics.

2.  What is your favorite feature of the app? 

It's definitely the ability to have video with the radar reading. To have that all in one screen using your phone or tablet is great. its so easy to set up and use that even the most technically challenged person can use it.  

 3.  How has your son reacted to using the new tech?

Each of my boys (13 & 16) have taken a new approach to working on their game at home. My younger son even started writing down his numbers, keeping a log and motivating himself to get better. My older son uses the data to work on mechanics and improve his numbers. That is not all, it also provides an opportunity for friendly competition and letting kids have fun. They will get a group of friends and see who can get the top score (reading).

4.  Why would you recommend other parents utilize this tech with coaching and training?

The Smart Coach Radar is a tool that is not only affordable but easy to use for parents that have kids serious in there respective sport. With what has happened with the COVID-19 pandemic, high school and college seasons cancelled, this tool has given my kids an opportunity to get better with visual feedback. Also with the NCAA extending the dead period and not allowed to contact players, having the video and data to provide coaches will only help in providing opportunities in recruiting. I have a family of 5 and don't always have the funds for private or group lessons but having the Smart Coach App System is something I am glad I have and only wish I had sooner. 

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Best of luck this season to Charlie and his family as they continue on their baseball journey.  If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email sm@PocketRadar.com

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