2013 Major League Baseball World Series on FOX Featuring Ball Exit Speed / Hit Speed

by Tyler Scaturro October 30, 2013

The Ball Exit Speed of David Ortiz’s double in the 5th Inning was 101 MPH. Shown next to the score on the screen.

The 2013 Fall Classic has been exactly that, a classic.  The St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox have battled to a 3-2 series lead for the Boston Red Sox heading back to Fenway Park.  If you have been watching, you may have noticed a brand new feature that FOX Sports is implementing in their coverage of the 2013 World Series.  After many of the well-hit baseballs, a number flashes next to the score on the television.  It displays “Last Speed” and has an MPH next to it.  This is the Hit Speed / Ball Exit Speed off the bat, being provided by Sportvision®.

This is exciting news, because Ball Exit Speed off the bat has now gone mainstream.  We have been educating the baseball and softball communities for a long time about the importance and value of measuring Ball Exit Speed off the bat.  For every 1 MPH added, a ball will travel an extra 4-6 extra feet.  That can the mean the difference between a ball going over the fence or being just out of reach of the fielder.  Check out this link to see the Ball Exit Speed of every home run in MLB:  ESPN Home Run Tracker

Revolutionary new technology is helping to advance baseball and softball training and measurement philosophies.  Pocket Radar™ is the perfect training tool to help identify proper mechanics, fatigue, and player performance by providing objective measurement.  Measure Ball Exit Speed off the bat, Pitch Speed, and Running Speed with the convenient Pocket Radar.

We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for sports with brand new objective measurement data.  In the meantime, tune in to Game 6 of the World Series tonight to see the Hit Speed / Ball Exit Speed off the bat of some of the best baseball players in the world.

Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

Brand Manager (2012 - current)

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