Baseball and Business Podcast Interviews Brand Manager, Tyler Scaturro

by Pocket Radar May 07, 2020

Baseball and Business Podcast Interviews Brand Manager, Tyler Scaturro

Brand Manager, Tyler Scaturro, was recently featured on episode 35 of the Baseball and Business Podcast.  Titled, "Working Up Within a Start-Up," Tyler speaks with host Luke Melms about how he began his business career working for Pocket Radar in the early startup days 8 years ago and how he’s developed into a key player that has made it the established company it is today.

Here are the highlights from their conversation:

1. How going the JUCO route out of high school helped setup stability on the field and classroom

2. How Tyler beat out other candidates despite having less experience to get his foot in the door at Pocket Radar which has developed into being the Brand Manager

3. How social media and marketing evolving while the product itself continuing to mature both have taught him the importance of testing

4. Why working for a startup can be an advantageous route for baseball players transitioning into business full-time

Tyler’s story shows the power of creating an opportunity and running with it.

Take a listen below:

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