CEO Steve Goody and COO Chris Stewart on "The Sports Entrepreneur" Podcast, hosted by Casey Wright

by Pocket Radar July 26, 2019

CEO Steve Goody and COO Chris Stewart on

Pocket Radar co-founders, Chris Stewart and Steve Goody, visit with Casey Wright, of The Sports Entrepreneur podcast series.  In the episode, the founders "provide a wealth of information about entrepreneurship, and the analogy you will hear from Steve, comparing entrepreneurship to college, is worth the listen all by itself, but there’s a LOT more you’ll gain from this episode about starting a business, the future of sports technology, and disrupting the marketplace."

Take a listen to Chris and Steve below:

About The Tech of Sports Podcast:

In the cut-throat world of sports entrepreneurship, The Sports Entrepreneur podcast gives you the insights, tactics, and know-how to create a profitable sports business. Through conversations with other sports entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and thought leaders, you will learn what it takes to turn a passion of sports into your livelihood.

Casey leads her listeners into the business of sports to uncover what it takes to be successful in creating, building, and expanding a sports-centric company. This show takes the sports-minded to the next level to become the sports entrepreneurs they want to be. If you want to leave a legacy for your family, turn your expertise into a system, grow your current company, learn the business of sports, or simply listen to successful entrepreneurs share their insights, then this podcast is for you.


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