Clinton Prairie Junior/Senior High School head coach, Matt Scott, Reviews Smart Coach Radar App System

by Tyler Scaturro February 14, 2020

Clinton Prairie Junior/Senior High School head coach, Matt Scott, Reviews Smart Coach Radar App System

We recently had the pleasure of receiving some Smart Coach Radar & app feedback from Matt Scott, Varsity baseball coach with Clinton Prairie Junior/Senior High School. "We have been very pleased with the pocket radar. We have used it for competitions off the tee, throwing across the diamond and for exit velocity off of live arm stuff. The players are always wanting to outdo their teammates and it has become a daily competition between them when we workout."  He was also able to answer a few questions for our team and send over a few video clips from practice.

1. How has training with the new Smart Coach Radar and being able to show players videos of themselves with velocities helped gear up for the season?

We just recently started workouts back up and the players are excited to see the video with the exit velocities and pitching velocities. It adds a little bit of competition and they are constantly asking if their throw or exit velocity off the bat was higher. A great way to build competition within a competitive sport.

2. What is your favorite feature of the app?

So far the feature I like the most is the video and speed display. It allows my pitching coach and myself an opportunity to go back and find any mechanical flaws that may help the pitcher or hitter out the next time they step into that situation and maybe gain a little more speed on their exit velocity or pitching.

3. How have the players reacted to using the new tech?

Players are excited. They like the audio announce feature and are trying to best one another on a regular basis.

4. Why would you recommend other coaches utilize this tech with coaching and training?

I believe the video feature with speed can help coaches get a better view and real time feel for how their guy is throwing or hitting. It provides me with instant feedback and gets the kids competitive from the beginning of practice until the end.

5. Do you see the Pocket Radar app videos as not only a developmental tool but also a recruitment tool for exposure to colleges?

I do think that this is a recruiting tool. We have sent some videos to our players for them to put on their Field Level profiles and this makes it easier for the coaches at the HS level to get their kids names and stats out there.

Best of luck this season to Coach Scott and the Clinton Prairie Junior/Senior High School baseball team as they head into the 2020 season.  If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email 

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