Pocket Radar Classic Model Used for “Speeding Citations” at the Mountain Hounds Hustle

by Tyler Scaturro June 20, 2016

We were recently asked about participating in a great cause known as the “Greyhounds Mountain Hound Hustle.”  The Hustle is a weekend getaway for Greyhounds and their owners, with all proceeds from fundraising activities going to Greyhound Friends of North Carolina (GFNC) a 501c3 non-profit organization [Tax ID #56-1963355], www.greyhoundfriends.com, to help support our transition kennel and to find loving homes for retired racing Greyhounds.

Rick and Lynda Montgomery, who help organize the annual weekend, thought it would be a great idea to incorporate our Pocket Radar Classic model into a “speeding citation” contest.  Here is what Lynda had to say about the event and how the Classic radar was able to bring some extra fun for all involved:

This was the 12th year for Mountain Hounds, a fund-raiser for Greyhound Friends of North Carolina. The event this year was attended by 336 dogs and 305 registered owners as well as locals and tourists in the area.  The Mountain Hounds Hustle is one of the high points of the event. Greyhound owners are always happy to see their dog run and being able to record the speed makes it twice the fun. Each dog was presented with a “speeding citation” showing their dogs name and the speed clocked. Approximately 160 of the dogs present at the event took their chance to win a prize for either fastest greyhound, fastest senior greyhound or fastest non-greyhound. Speeds ranged from 7mph to 41mph! The Pocket Radar Classic was very easy to use. The timer put himself at dog level by “sitting down on the job”. He did not have any problems getting a speed read at that level. Well except for the dogs who decided it was a runway and slowly strolled as the crowd cheered them on.

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Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

Brand Manager (2012 - current)

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