Pocket Radar June 17,2014 Press Release on New Ball Coach Radar for Sports Training

by Tyler Scaturro June 17, 2014

Here are a few soundbites from the June 17, 2014 Press Release touting the new Ball Coach radar from Pocket Radar located on Business Wire: Pocket Radar unveils game-changing training tool for coaches, the Ball Coach.

When it comes to hitting, ball exit speed off the bat is what it’s all about. Using the Ball Coach radar with professional hitters and youth hitters, I’ve learned that players at all levels need instant feedback to improve in the shortest amount of time,” said Dante Bichette, former MLBplayer and hitting coach for the Colorado Rockies. “Everyone knows what a 90 mph pitch looks like, but if you want to become a better hitter, you need to start measuring your ball exit speed. An extra 1 to 2 mph exit speed can make a completely different hitter.”

The Ball Coach radar was developed as a direct result of feedback from top college and professional coaches expressing the need for an ultraportable, easy to use, radar gun with a functionality that complements, instead of distracts, their focus on a player mechanics and progression. As experts cite an increase in the number of athletes undergoing Tommy John surgeries as a result of injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament, many coaches and athletes are utilizing radar guns as a method of reducing injury potential by improving muscle memory and mechanics.

A break down in mechanics caused by fatigue is almost always the root cause of every pitching arm injury I have come across in my over 30-plus years working with pitchers. Unfortunately, many youth instructors do not realize that a young player has entered the injury risk zone until it is too late, ” said Tom House, National Pitching Association founder and former MLB pitching coach. “I’ve been waiting a long time for a radar gun that is specifically designed as a training aid for young players, and Ball Coach radar is a perfect complement to our Velocity Plus pitching program as it enables our certified instructors to gradually develop a player’s arm strength and muscle memory with little risk of injury. A drop of just a couple of MPH in pitch velocity can be an indicator that a young player is at increased risk for sustaining a serious arm injury. The Pocket Radar Ball Coach should be every coach’s early warning indicator for player fatigue.”

Stan Conte, head trainer and medical services director for the Los Angeles Dodgers added, “Its small size makes Pocket Radar ideal for training injured pitchers, as they need to slow their pitches while they recover from shoulder and elbow injuries, and players tend to throw harder when they see a full-size gun. It’s like taking a picture on a cell phone, it’s so small, players quickly forget you’re doing it.”

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More information on the Ball Coach:

The ability to evaluate skill level with instant and unbiased feedback requires a top tier performance training tool. That’s why Pocket Radar, Inc. created the pro-level Ball Coach radar. It’s a speed training tool for player development through one-on-one coaching or self-guided drills and hands-free operation keeps it simple. By making crucial results like hitting power, pitching speeds, throwing speeds, serving speeds and shot speeds instantly visible, the Ball Coach is the easy way to get better faster. Powerful features include hands-free Constant-On Mode (put all your focus on coaching and training, not the radar gun), easy automatic triggering (simply hold button down and release when speed appears) and built-in memory with the previous 25 speeds (keep track and review training lessons).

Professionals and amateurs across multiple sports are currently using the Ball Coach radar to improve performance and skill level with instant and accurate feedback. It has become the convenient speed radar and training tool of choice among collegiate coaches, high school coaches, travel ball coaches, club coaches, recruiters, parents and athletes worldwide. Easily measure baseball and softball hitting and pitching speeds, volleyball and tennis serve speeds, hockey and lacrosse shot speeds, and cricket bowler speeds. Built from the same high-impact plastic as hockey helmets, the Ball Coach is rugged enough to perform well in even the most demanding sports environments, with pro-level accuracy. Named Best of Show at the 2014 American Baseball Coaches Association national convention, the Ball Coach is the first pro-level radar gun specifically designed for coaching and training. “If you are looking to elevate player performance, you need to own the Ball Coach.” – Andy Lopez, University of Arizona Baseball (3-Time National Coach of the Year)

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