Pocket Radar Team Meets Adam Savage of MythBusters Fame

by Pocket Radar November 21, 2016

Pocket Radar co-founders, Steve Goody and Chris Stewart, with MythBuster Adam Savage (middle).

Recently Steve Goody and Chris Stewart, two of the founders of Pocket Radar Inc. had the privilege of getting to meet with Adam Savage of MythBusters fame. Adam was here in town giving a talk to young college students at Sonoma State University. He was hosted by Professor Jeremy Qualls from the Physics department. Adam shared with everyone how all of the skills that he has acquired along the way in a multitude of different areas helped lead to his success. He also gave us some insights into what he has been up to since MythBusters. Adam took the time to answer many questions from the young people in the audience. He also had some great physics demonstrations for us. He is a great story teller and was inspiring to everyone that came.

Steve and Chris had a great time getting to meet with Adam in person and thanked him for being an inspiration to kids of all ages. His ability to make science fun and entertaining has inspired an entire generation. Adam told them that his friend Jim Meigs, who was the editor-in-chief of Popular Mechanics magazine when we first introduced the original Pocket Radar product, had sent him a Pocket Radar as a gift. Adam told us that he still has it in his tool kit and it is his favorite speed measurement device. As usual the problem with using it on the TV show is that it does not look like what people expect when you say “radar gun”. Of course, with all of the people discovering what Pocket Radar products can do, we expect that to change sometime soon.

In the end we thanked Adam for being a Pocket Radar user and told him that we hoped that we could find a way to help him out in the future. He is spending a lot of time right now helping out with Maker spaces all over the country along with the dozens of other projects he has in the works. Check out some of the latest at his web-site: http://www.tested.com/

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