At the Science Fair: "Does the bat make a difference?"

by Tyler Scaturro March 16, 2023

At the Science Fair:

We love to hear from our customers all the ways in which they are using our technology. Recently, we heard about a science project using our technology to determine which bat would fit the young player best. Exit velocity is a great indicator of the true power behind a hit (every 1 mph equals 5 feet of travel distance), and using our Smart Coach Radar, Bradley DeFeo was able to determine which bat was best for him. Check out his story below:

As the clean up hitter on the 12u SJ Sand Sharks Brad knows bats. The "Beast" as his teammates call him, Brad has always been fascinated with baseball bats starting at a young age. He was always curious with the different types of bats available to hit with. This led to his idea of coming up with the title for his science project: Does the bat make a difference?

Using the Pocket Radar that he received as a Christmas present, and using a tee, Brad took 3 swings with an Ash, Maple, Alloy and Composite bat. He was able to record the exit velocity of each bat. The composite bat recorded the highest exit velo. During the testing he also realized how easy the Pocket Radar was to use and the different modes when measuring exit velo. It important to note that since he broke his pinky finger playing travel basketball he was only able to take 3 swings with each bat. All healed up he can't wait to use the Pocket Radar as he gets ready for the start of the season.

science project

Best of luck to Bradley as he continues his baseball journey this year.  If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email

Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

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