Pro Radar System Used at 2018 Stampede High School Softball Tournament in Livermore, CA

by Tyler Scaturro April 17, 2018

Pro Radar System Used at 2018 Stampede High School Softball Tournament in Livermore, CA

Pocket Radar was proud to help out with the 2018 Stampede High School Softball Tournament, held in Livermore, CA from April 5-7th. We were happy to have them demo our newest product, the Pro Radar System with Smart Display to help bring some meaningful Exit Velocity and Throwing Speed numbers to the event that featured 16 of the top varsity high school talented teams in Northern California.

The new Pro Radar System from Pocket Radar, Inc. is the most affordable pro performance radar system on the market. The Pro Radar System has up to 200 feet of range on a baseball, over 300 feet on larger objects and is very portable for on-field battery powered operation that lasts all day. It has multiple mounting configurations, uses standard Alkaline C-size batteries and is also compatible with standard USB power supply and battery solutions. Players and coaches working with training facilities, showcases, camps, clinics and combines will be able to get instant feedback on Ball Exit Velocity as well as Pitching, Serving, Shooting & Throwing Speeds to help them get better faster. It also creates an interactive experience for spectators.

Here is some feedback we received from one of the tournament organizers, Jeremy Luke, about the value the Pro Radar System brought to the event.

"We had the great fortune to use and get to know the Pro Radar System by Pocket Radar during the Livermore Stampede high school varsity softball tournament. The Pro Radar System was a huge Hit among the crowd, coaches and sports writers who attended the event. The amount of compliments and questions we fielded were plenty. So much so that I have been asked to bring it back again next year marking our 25th year of the Stampede Tournament. The Pro Radar System is very versatile, light weight and extremely easy to set up and use. It can be operated Via standard 120v powered outlet or 4 C batteries which makes it a completely mobile (take anywhere unit). It has a great auto off feature that is utilized during battery use to preserve battery life. We found the recall feature to be beneficial as we could scroll back if we wanted to see a past speed reading. The read out screen is bright and easy to read and see from distance. The S hooks that come in the kit make it convenient to hang the read out screen in different areas. The Pro Radar System is a great tool. In our case we were able to use it for pitch speed which starts to register at 25mph. Other uses we found great are the ability to record overhand throwing velocity, as well as reading ball speed off the bat (exit velocity). This can be used to help hitters discover the best and proper bat length and weight for them when used in a training environment. All in all using the Pro Radar System has many benefits. Witnessing spectators enjoyment of hearing the pop of a catchers glove and seeing immediate speed feedback. Players can use the speed reading in their profile videos. A very important use to coaches, measuring player strength and growth when used as a training tool. This is a great piece of equipment to add to any program!"

Here is a quick video of the Pro Radar System in action at the event:

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Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

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