2013 Women’s Volleyball National Champions Penn State Uses Pocket Radar Classic Model as Training Tool

by Tyler Scaturro February 19, 2014

The Pocket Radar team would like to send congratulations to Russ Rose and the Penn State women’s volleyball team on their Division 1 championship run this past December.  It was exciting seeing the 2 teams competing in the national final, Wisconsin and Penn State, both proud Pocket Radar users.  Penn State has built quite the [...]
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Ball Coach Radar Named Best Of Show at ABCA Baseball Coaches Convention 2014 in Dallas, Texas

by Tyler Scaturro February 14, 2014

We are excited to announce that the brand new product from Pocket Radar Inc., the Ball Coach™, has been selected as one of the prestigious Best Of Show winners by Collegiate Baseball for the 2014 ABCA Convention.  Click Here to check out the Best Of Show article featuring the Ball Coach™ in the January issue of Collegiate [...]
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Introducing Ball Coach™: The Radar Gun Designed for Coaching and Training, Brand New for 2014

by Tyler Scaturro February 12, 2014

After working with top coaches from the baseball and softball communities over the past few years and incorporating their feedback, the Ball Coach™ radar was specifically designed to easily measure the speeds of hits and pitches.  It will automatically find the fastest speed of a ball in flight.  This is different from the Pocket Radar Classic model, [...]
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Pocket Radar Classic Model is a Helpful Training Tool for U.S. Skeleton Teams Gearing up for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

by Tyler Scaturro February 07, 2014

The world will be watching this month, as one of the most exciting events that occurs every 4 years takes place, the Olympic Winter Games.  The XXII Winter Olympics will feature Men and Women from different nations across the world competing in many different sports including ice hockey, luge, alpine skiing, ski jumping, curling, speed [...]
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Pocket Radar Exhibiting at ABCA Convention 2014 in Dallas, TX January 2-4

by Tyler Scaturro December 31, 2013

The annual ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) National Convention is almost here.  Baseball coaches from across the country will be descending upon Dallas, Texas from January 2-5 for special clinics, awards ceremonies and product exhibits.  Pocket Radar™ will be exhibiting again this year, and we are very much looking forward to seeing as many ABCA [...]
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Pocket Radar Exhibiting at NFCA Convention 2013 in San Antonio, Texas Dec. 5-6

by Tyler Scaturro November 22, 2013

We are excited to announce that we will be attending the 2013 National Fastpitch Coaches Association convention in San Antonio, Texas on December 5-6.  This will be our 4th year exhibiting for the NFCA crowd, and we can only hope it will be as successful as the previous years. The Convention is very important to [...]
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2013 Major League Baseball World Series on FOX Featuring Ball Exit Speed / Hit Speed

by Tyler Scaturro October 30, 2013

The 2013 Fall Classic has been exactly that, a classic.  The St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox have battled to a 3-2 series lead for the Boston Red Sox heading back to Fenway Park.  If you have been watching, you may have noticed a brand new feature that FOX Sports is implementing in their [...]
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Neighborhood Safety Civilian Uses Pocket Radar™ to Notify Law Enforcement of Speeding Vehicles

by Tyler Scaturro October 15, 2013

Check out this recent story from BBC News featuring Michael Lacey, an ordinary citizen concerned about neighborhood safety in the UK, who has taken it upon himself to record the speeds of vehicles driving through Beeston in Bedfordshire. After noticing an “alarming” number of speeding vehicles (most of them 30 MPH over the speed [...]
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Community Speed Watch Advocates Use the Pocket Radar™ to Monitor Speeding Motorists

by Tyler Scaturro October 07, 2013

Designed and engineered to offer the same great accuracy as other professional radar guns, at a fraction of the size and cost of most bulky radar guns, Pocket Radar allows everyone the opportunity to discreetly measure and monitor speed.  In addition to being a training tool of choice for championship teams in many different sports, [...]
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Guinness Book of World Record Holder, Michael Coyne, uses Pocket Radar™ for New Luge World Record Attempt

by Tyler Scaturro May 21, 2013

Pocket Radar™ was recently contacted by a current world record holder looking for a training tool that would help in achieving a new luge world record.  Michael Coyne, Team Leader for Expedition Outreach, set the Guinness Book World Record for the Highest Altitude Luge run down Mount Chacaltaya in Bolivia from 17,200 feet altitude on July 18th, [...]
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Pocket Radar™ Helps Sponsor Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic

by Tyler Scaturro February 27, 2013

This past weekend in beautiful Palm Springs, CA was the first annual Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic, held in honor of one of the most legendary figures in softball history.  She was both an incredible human being and ambassador to the sport, and her many years of service will be sorely missed but never forgotten.  The [...]
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Skateboarding, Science and Pocket Radar™

by Tyler Scaturro February 01, 2013

The team at Pocket Radar™ always enjoys hearing back from its customers about the different applications they are using the product for.  One of the more recent applications that got us excited was mixing science with skateboarding. We recently got in contact with Professor Adrian Lenardic of Rice University, who informed us of his scientific [...]
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