What is the Durability of Pocket Radar Products?

by Tyler Scaturro July 11, 2016

Even though each Pocket Radar product is built from the same high-impact plastic as football helmets (we have even run tests by dropping them off of two-story buildings), we field quite a few questions pertaining to the matter of durability.  It’s a fair question considering their small size and the fragile nature of other professional radar equipment.  Over the years we have heard some interesting stories from customers that have put this to the test. We received a phone call last month from a distressed customer that brought a new meaning to “the dog ate my homework.”

As the customer relationship manager at Pocket Radar, I am often asked about the durability of the Pocket Radar units.   While we put the products through extensive stress testing and drop tests and have designed them to be very rugged, we recently we had a customer who put the unit to a test we had not previously thought to do.

Her Ball Coach radar was delivered by the postal service and left at her front door.   Without realizing there was a package outside, they let their German Shepard out into the yard.   Shortly after letting the dog out, they noticed he was tearing into something.   They were able to retrieve the package from him, but not before he performed his own durability testing of the Ball Coach radar.   I’m very happy to say the dog was not hurt at all, but I can say he has quite the bite.   The Ball Coach radar was in perfect working condition, despite the incredibly deep bite marks in the unit.  All I can say is that I would watch out if I am that postal carrier, this pup can deliver quite the bite!   Now I have a new way to describe the durability of the Pocket Radar units, although it won’t be the recommended treatment. It is not really the best choice of chew toy for your pets.

Front and Back of Ball Coach Radar with dog bites.


Successfully measuring a 65 MPH Tuning Fork with the dog bitten Ball Coach radar.

For a little historical reference, here is our Pocket Radar Durability Test video where we had Jaime Southern (former U.S. softball national team pitcher) pitch the Pocket Radar Classic model and then record a speed in the same sequence.

We probably would advise against doing this with any other professional radar guns, but if you decide to, let us know what happens!

If you have any questions or would like to share your Pocket Radar stories, please give is a call toll-free at 888-381-2672 from 9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, or e-mail us at info@PocketRadar.com


Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

Brand Manager (2012 - current)

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