Smart Coach Radar™ App System (Model SR1100)

The Smart Coach Radar with companion app is your complete speed and video training system.  The combination of the Smart Coach Radar with the Pocket Radar app allows you to access many advanced features, including the following:

  • Instant Feedback with Remote Speed Display and Audio Speed Announcement
  • Track Results over time with Instant History Review and Data Export
  • Get Speeds Instantly and Record Video with Embedded Speeds at the Same Time
  • Review Mechanics and Results with Speed Embedded in Video
  • Capture and Share Video with Speed for Remote Coaching
  • Share Videos of Results/Improvement Socially to Friends, Coaches and Recruiters
  • Upload Your Videos to other training/recruiting software and apps

Compatible with Pocket Radar App


  • Apple Devices Running iOS 14 and above.
  • Leading Android Devices Running OS 6.0 and above.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 4.0 and above.

Product Includes: Radar, Soft-Shell Belt Holster Case, Wrist Strap, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, Quick Start Guide and 2 Year Warranty

USB Power Pack accessory examples 

Product Specs and Features

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Bernie B
Great Product... but... buy a battery storage bank

I received the product quickly and it worked exactly as expected. The app is mostly intuitive, however, if you have to bounce between athletes it can be a bit cumbersome. On AAA battery power, the unit drains power quickly if you are capturing something like a bullpen, or multiple bullpens, when running in continuous mode. For those purchasing the product, I would suggest getting a separate battery pack.

If you are able to set up two tripods with the pocket radar on one and a phone/ipad on the other, the Pocket Radar is an invaluable tool for collecting pitcher data and evaluating progress.

I would like to see the app be able to capture slow motion--on demand--with a toggle switch during a session so we could better diagnose mechanical issues with the delivery.

Senior Softball

Smart Coach is an amazing tool with pin point accuracy in determining Exit Velo
I can now train on my own and see progress based upon the MPH
The Pocket Radar App is essential when training alone and works so easy with my phone
This tool is a must for anyone trying to elevate their game
It’s the most HONEST coach that will never lie MPS

Brian Lafata
Great Service!

Pocket Radar customer service team is very kind and helpful. I am really enjoying having this tool to measure my sons Velo growth.

Kacey Gray
Great radar

Looks pricey, but honestly it’s the only way to go. Good to track your velo, as well are college scouting!!! And easier to make film with pocket radar mobile app!

Paired with GameChanger livestream - worked great, with a couple of minor caveats

Got Smart Coach Pocket Radar for a recent travel baseball 16U tournament after reading how it pairs with GameChanger to deliver pitch velocities real-time in the livestream video feed. Took me some experimenting to understand how it picks up the pitch velocity, syncs it in GC, and then GC waits for me to confirm the speed before displaying it on the livestream. Everyone (including coaches, parents, players) was happy to have the real-time velocities to see during the game, and GC records them in the list of plays so you have a permanent record. And I was able to compare the Pocket Radar velocities with the tournament's much more expensive radar gun, and they were often exactly the same, and never more than 1 mph off. Very impressive for such a small, relatively inexpensive unit.

Couple of caveats - I did find that setting the minimum speed to 60 (pitchers in this tournament were throwing 70-90) will keep Pocket Radar from picking up the catcher's throw back to the pitcher. I also noticed that it will pick up exit velocity on hits in the same window as the pitch (only those up the middle), so that's something else to be aware of since the pitch velocity is shown briefly and then the exit velocity is displayed for those hits, so if you are not watching closely you might wonder how a kid throwing 80 was suddenly throwing 95.

Finally, I use a Fence Clip Heavy Duty for Cell Phone (from to hold my iPhone for the GC livestream, and added a flexible arm and the Pocket Radar universal mount with a charger attached to the Pocket Radar (to avoid issues with battery life). Check out the picture - works great! And I'm not a paid spokesperson for Fence Clip but love their products.