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App Tutorial: Tagging Roster Option

An advanced custom feature when using the app is editing the "Sport" and "Activity" area to include custom tags such as player names, drills and much more.

App Tutorial: Edit Speed Range

A feature inside the Operational Settings that allows you to set the speed range to only capture speeds when they are in certain range.

App Tutorial: Speed Display

Speed Display screen is 1 of 2 home screen (the other being Video Display). When using the Speed Display Screen you will get a bright red speed readout every time a speed is captured.

App Tutorial: Operational Settings

Operational Settings allow you to fully utilize all of the Pocket Radar companion app features, including Dual Mode, Speed Preview, Speed Range Editing and more.

App Tutorial: Edit MPH to KPH

Change your speed settings from Miles Per Hour (default) to Kilometers Per Hour. The Smart Coach Radar has a Speed Range from 25 to 130 MPH (40 to 209 KPH).

App Tutorial: Export History to CSV (excel) File

Export your speed history to a CSV (excel) file to keep track and customize your numbers.

App Tutorial: Dual Mode Feature

Record video clips in the background while you are still using the Speed Display screen. You are able to use the front and rear camera on your device.

App Tutorial: Edit Activity and Sport

To successfully use the app, you must have a "Sport" and "Activity" selected. As referenced above in the Tagging Roster Option, these are both editable and can be customized to include player names, drills, etc.

App Tutorial: Sign Up and Connect Radar

A guide to the Sign Up and Connect Smart Coach Radar process.

App Tutorial: Reconnect Radar

A guide to reconnecting your Smart Coach Radar when you may have become disconnected.

App Tutorial: Edit Profile

A guide to editing your Pocket Radar app profile.

App Tutorial: Edit Sport and Activity Tags in History

An improvement to your History screen was recently implemented. Not only are the Sport & Activity Tags now both displayed, but you are also able to to "Edit" them from directly inside your History.

App Tutorial: Storage Upload

Upload your app created videos from inside your device gallery or the app History screen to external storage platforms/sites such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. A great option to save file space on your device if you are creating many videos.