Football Reviews

Bobby Stroupe, CSCS*D RSCC*D FAFS
APEC Founder, President

"We have been using Pocket Radar products for years to help us train some of the strongest arms in MLB and the NFL. The new Smart Coach Radar allows us to overlap velocity monitoring with video analysis from any angle. The ability to video transformation zones from different coaching views while still getting an accurate velocity reading is huge! We leverage this technology for so many different ways at APEC. From sprint technique to QB training, pitching, exit velocity, med ball throws, you name it. The Smart Coach Radar will elevate your training with applicable technology in an affordable and convenient way."

Christian Vitale
Special Teams Coordinator/Specialist Coach

"If you are a special teams coordinator this is a must have tool. Pocket Radar will give you an accurate speed of the snap and speed of the kick, which I convert into seconds to get an accurate time of my long snappers. A punt is a long play, but it is a consistent play. If we can keep the times down under 2 seconds, then defenses can’t tee off on us. On top of that, the display on the Pocket Radar app shows us not only the speeds we’re looking for, but visually ties it to our players’ technique. Then, you can break down that speed, that timing, slow down the replay, and you can see why a given play is slower or faster. You can show the improvement or the need for improvement to the player right there on the spot. The players absolutely love it and it works.”