Meet the Founders: Grant Moulton, CTO

Grant serves as CTO of Pocket Radar, Inc. He designed the boards in all of the radar units, leveraging upon his experience in both test equipment design, high speed communication design and radio design at a number of earlier positions. Grant worked on many projects where he designed ways to find signals buried in noise, which led directly to our success in making a radar that fits in your pocket.

Prior to Pocket Radar, Inc. Grant joined Hewlett Packard Company (HP) out of the university and after several years hired Chris Stewart into his engineering group. Grant had helped to design the spectrum analyzer system used by the US Navy to tune up all of their radar units and had transferred to lead a manufacturing engineering team supporting that system. Grant and Chris both moved into the Research and Development Laboratory at HP and continued innovation on that system and on other radio receivers.

Grant left HP to join Next Level Communications where he met Steve Goody, but stayed in touch with Chris Stewart. While at Next Level, he worked on high speed optical and digital communications and led a team of several engineers. Grant followed Steve to Cerent Corporation (acquired by Cisco Systems), where he worked on even higher speed optical communication and system design and led engineers designing and redesigning those systems.

When Grant brought Steve and Chris together, we realized that we were of like minds and that we wanted to start a company to create amazing designs that help people improve their lives and have more fun.

Grant has published multiple articles and papers and has ten patents plus several in application. He has been involved in engineering since he was old enough to plug a tube into a socket (he fixed his first TV when he was in the second grade). For his master’s degree project Grant developed a voice-controlled wheelchair. He holds a BSEE from the University of Utah, and an MEEE from Brigham Young University.

Chris Stewart, President and COO

Steve Goody, CEO