Introducing Measurement System Module (MSM)

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Pocket Radar® and Edgertronic™ Launch New Automated 
High-Speed Video Capture System 
The revolutionary ​ Automated Capture System​ , powered by Pocket Radar’s new  family of Measurement System Modules and advanced software, will combine speed  overlay with automatic remote triggering for the Edgertronic camera system

Pocket Radar Inc, the technology powerhouse behind the  top-selling velocity tracking equipment in baseball, is incorporating its advanced speed  triggering capabilities into streamlining the functionality of Edgertronic cameras. Used  throughout every Major League Baseball organization, Edgertronic high speed video cameras  are the top of the line in slow motion video grab and provide the highest clarity and frame rate  on the market. The integration of these two incredibly advanced technologies will allow  automatic zeroing in on specific instances in time, previously beyond the reach of modern  technology.

- “​I could not stress enough the importance of providing streamlined technology in baseball​ ,” said Steve Goody, CEO and Co-Founder of Pocket Radar. “​As the game has grown, we have noticed a huge uptick in the creation of new departments at the higher levels of baseball geared towards more advanced technology and analytics. Our new Automated Capture System paired with the Edgertronic cameras will help these departments save massive amounts of time and resources when monitoring player mechanics in high resolution.”

Pocket Radar products have been integrated into professional and amateur baseball  organizations over the past decade and its latest model, the Smart Coach Radar, is the first  ever pro-level radar gun and App System. The powerful App interface combines video with  embedded velocity through advanced software design to create auto-edited video clips. It is  this new technology that led Mike Matter, President and founder of Edgertronic, to seek out  Steve and Pocket Radar at the MLB Winter Meetings Tech Exposition to find a solution to  automate their camera systems.

- “​We designed the edgertronic cameras for the expected markets: aerospace, defense, research, manufacturing, etc, so we were a little surprised to see their rapid adoption by MLB. Now, our cameras are everywhere you go and have become an essential part of the sport." says Mike Matter, founder and CEO. “Baseball is big-data, and the technical sophistication of MLB teams should come as no surprise. Teams are striving to streamline and automate their workflow, so we've worked with Steve and the Pocket Radar team to integrate our advanced technologies.”

Since the early adoption by some of the top thought leaders in the sport, including familiar names like Kyle Boddy and Trevor Bauer, Edgertronic cameras have provided a portable  solution for capturing high-speed footage of player mechanics in training and game situations.

Edgertronic cameras have been at the forefront of “pitch design,” an essential piece of  equipment for custom-building pitches from scratch. With the innovative ​Automated Capture  System​, current and new Edgertronic camera owners now have an opportunity to upgrade to  hands-free operation and capture smaller file size, auto-edited video clips with embedded  velocities.

The Pocket Radar team will visit with select MLB clubs throughout Spring Training to demo the  system where Edgertronic cameras are currently being deployed in bullpens and games. The  Automated Capture System​ will be a big advantage for MLB video and data analytics teams  and there has been considerable excitement for the solution.

About Pocket Radar, Inc.: ​By providing accurate, affordable and convenient solutions in  pro-performance radar technology, Pocket Radar Inc. has transformed the way in which  coaches, players, recruiters and scouts understand the importance of metrics and data. Their  advanced product line, including the revolutionary Smart Coach Radar with companion app, is  used to train with immediate objective feedback by everyone from MLB teams to amateur  players and coaches.

About Edgertronic: ​Edgertronic​ is a brand of Sanstreak Corp, founded in 2012 by Mike  Matter, focused on designing, manufacturing and selling industrial quality high-speed cameras  at an affordable price. Edgertronic cameras have been proven to deliver high performance,  exceptional image quality, rugged construction, unmatched ease of use, a sophisticated API,  and all at a price substantially below the competition. Edgertronic cameras are widely used in  the industrial, scientific, education, defense, aerospace, sports and entertainment market sectors.

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