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Smart Coach Radar Reviews

Kelly Inouye-Perez, UCLA (Head Coach)

“The new Smart Coach Radar and app combination is a game changer for our practices and recruiting. Having video with live speed in the bullpens and cages has been very effective in providing our pitchers and hitters with instant feedback. The players and coaches can zone in on each pitch and swing, and watch video live with the app connected to our Apple TV set up. With new technology finding a place in our sport, having a trusted brand like Pocket Radar continue to provide easy to use and affordable products makes all the difference.”

Kenny Gajewski, Oklahoma State University (Head Coach)

“When needing an accurate and reliable source to get pitching and hitting velocities, we trust Pocket Radar. One of our favorite features of their new Smart Coach Radar and App, is the ability to track player development with speeds directly embedded in the videos we take. We can download and share the videos right from the app and send them to our players to review and analyze. Utilizing Pocket Radar’s technology over the past few years has helped put us one step ahead of the competition.”

Mike Reed, University of Texas at Tyler (Head Coach)

"The Smart Coach Radar not only gives us the ability to gather useful data to track the improvement of our athletes, but also allows us to set up drills that have them constantly competing with their previous results as well as each other."

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Mike White, University of Texas (Head Coach)

“We love the new Ball Coach radar for its simplicity of use. The Ball Coach’s size is perfect for use on the road recruiting as a discrete tool that gives an accurate measurement of a pitcher’s velocity. The Ball Coach radar is versatile in that we can measure not only pitcher’s bullpens but also hitter’s ball exit speeds. It is perfect for camps, recruiting, games and practice. The new features make it easier to use and to receive accurate maximum velocity readings. Whether you are a coach, parent or instructor, the Ball Coach radar is an invaluable tool in the development of a pitcher, player or hitter.”

Tim Walton, University of Florida (Head Coach)

“Finally, a radar gun and training tool that takes away any questions about athletic ability. The Ball Coach radar will change the way our coaches and players measure and evaluate pitching and hitting skills. The versatile features easily allow us to coach and measure at the same time. This ability to measure pitch speed and exit speed off the bat without having to manually trigger the button is extremely helpful in allowing us to study player mechanics, while the speeds are recorded in the background. The recall button allows us to go over previous speeds, and find what needs to be done to improve or keep them where they’re at consistently. Anyone interested in gaining an advantage over their competition, needs to start training with the Ball Coach.”

Ken Eriksen, University of South Florida and Women's Team USA (Head Coach)

“This tool gives us something that is not only efficient but it is coach friendly. Pitch speed is a great indicator, however its ability to get ball exit speed off the bat is a unique feature that we love to work with. I recommend it for all levels of softball.”


Mike Candrea, University of Arizona (Head Coach, 8 National Championships)

“We’ve used it for coaching and scouting since it was first introduced. It’s so convenient and easy to use that we have it on the field every day, allowing us to do a better job developing player skills. The small size makes it much easier when we have to travel for scouting. The low price lets us have plenty of radars to go around. We have been so impressed that it has become the only radar gun we use for coaching and scouting.”

Kelly Ford, CSU Fullerton (Head Coach)

"I bought a pocket radar for every coach on my staff. We use it when we are out recruiting, testing with our players for both defense and offense and the campers love to be tested against the radar. It is simple to travel with and the accuracy is excellent. We are looking forward to continue to come up with innovative ideas to incorporate the Pocket Radar into Cal State Fullerton Softball."

Margie Knight, Salisbury University (Head Coach, 2018 NFCA Hall of Fame Inductee)

"Our program purchased two Ball Coach radar guns in order to give our players instant feedback. When the players see the facts provided by the Ball Coach it keeps them motivated to keep improving. Now when I recruit I don't leave home without mine! No more guessing on speeds thrown by a potential student-athlete, I just aim and when the Ball Coach radar is on Constant-On I get all the questions answered about her pitch speed."

Denny Tincher, Tincher Pitching LLC. (Founder)

"Our group does a lot of specialized research, determining the effect of various movement patterns on results. With the Ball Coach on continuous mode, we can immediately show the effect of tiny changes in body position, core activation, or takeoff. Pitchers who have a strong and stable core often feel they are putting less effort into the pitch, so they expect results to be poor. They are pleasantly surprised when the numbers reveal otherwise. The Ball Coach radar helps us prove our motto to kids. When it comes to females, specifically in the upper body, 'If you feel strong you are wrong.' When they engage the hips properly and powerfully, the numbers speak for themselves."

Krista Wood, South Dakota State University (Head Coach)

“The Ball Coach radar is a great tool for use during practices, games, and recruiting. We use the Ball Coach during practice for our pitchers and hitters. Pitchers are able to measure the difference in speed between pitches and hitters are able to measure the Ball Exit Speed off of their bat. The size of the Ball Coach allows us to use it everywhere and at any time. It provides instant feedback to players and coaches in areas they need to improve, whether in practice or out recruiting. If you want to gain an advantage, start training and recruiting with the Ball Coach radar.”

Christen Hardee, Menlo University (Head Coach)

“Having used the original Pocket Radar and now the Ball Coach, I have always loved the convenience and discreteness of the device especially while recruiting or testing pitchers in practice. The Ball Coach with it’s continuous feed enables us more versatile use. We are able to not only monitor pitching speeds, but throws from catchers, OF, INF as well as exit speed (off the bat). Having a way to measure these enables athletes to have specific measurable goals to increasing their speed and efficiency and therefore their overall performance to take our team to the next level.”

 Pete D'Amour, Virginia Tech University (Head Coach)

"Our staff is a big fan of the Ball Coach radar. It's great for recording overhand velocities for position players, exit speeds for our hitters, and pitching velocities. It is as accurate as any gun I've seen and we don't have to carry around a suitcase from park to park as we did with other radar guns. The Ball Coach radar is invaluable to us and the price is perfect for our budget. "

Meredith Grant, Lindale High School in Texas (Head Coach)

"I have been using the Ball Coach Radar for the past two years, and have put it to great use. During the playoffs I use the radar to scout opposing pitchers speed so that I can prepare my team. With this information my girls can practice off our pitchers of similar speed, or set the machine to the speed we will face. Also, I use the radar at camps and clinics to test players arm speed. We turn it into a competition and the girls love it! There are countless ways to use this great piece of equipment, and I am so thankful I decided to buy one!"

Mark Cooke, Winthrop University (Head Coach)

"We are really impressed with the Ball Coach radar. You can use it in almost any situation and get a reliable reading. The best part is that it can be carried in your pocket and used to record speeds without anyone noticing. This makes an accurate tool to evaluate pitchers, hitters and fielders without being too obvious."

Mary Jo Truesdale, Sheldon High School (Head Coach)

"I have been a high school softball coach for more than 30 years and highly recommend this product for all levels of softball! It provides accurate immediate feedback!"