Baseball Father, Carlos Gonzalez, reviews the Smart Coach Radar App System

by Tyler Scaturro June 04, 2020

Baseball Father, Carlos Gonzalez, reviews the Smart Coach Radar App System

We recently had the pleasure of receiving some Smart Coach Radar & app feedback from Carlos Gonzalez, father of Anthony Gonzalez with the Houston Warriors travel team. " Love the Smart Coach Pocket Radar!! We have been using the Video/Radar option to improve Pitching Mechanics = Pitching Velo. The video is a great tool to show kids the Velo Results based off proper Mechanics. We use the same format to increase Exit Velo with video/radar info in Batting Mechanics. Kids see instant feedback, instead of just hearing about it, they can actually see that coaches instructions equal better results."  He was also able to answer a few questions for our team and send over a few video clips from practice.

1.  How has training with the new Smart Coach Radar and being able to show your son video of himself with velocities helped him gear up for the season?

Training with the Smart Coach Radar has helped my son increase his Pitching/Hitting Velocities, by allowing him to see real time video of his mechanics. He can see the velocity decrease when The mechanics are off.

2.  What is your favorite feature of the app?

Our favorite feature by far, is the Video/Radar combo. 

3.  How has your son reacted to using the new tech?

My son has increased his exit velo by 8 MPH and Pitching Velo by 5 MPH in the first week of usage.

4.  Why would you recommend other parents utilize this tech with coaching and training?

I would highly recommend this for any parent working with thier child. It breaks the barrier of conflict when just telling your child what they are doing wrong and why. With the visual results, both you and your child can examine together and come up with a game plan to correct the problem. My Son and I have really benefited by using the Smart Coach Radar and have better practices together.

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Best of luck this season to Carlos, Anthony and the Houston Warriors baseball team this summer.  If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email 

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