Hitting PR's in Canada, with Gabriel Figeys

by Tyler Scaturro June 05, 2020

Hitting PR's in Canada, with Gabriel Figeys

We love hearing feedback from our customers letting us know how our technology is helping them improve. Gabriel Figeys is a great example." This has been a huge upgrade in my daily pitching life as i may see and compare every aspect of my pitching velocity."  He was also able to answer a few questions for our team and send over a few video clips from practice.

1.  How has training with Pocket Radar and being able to see your progress helped you improve heading into the season?

Since the recent quarantine the pocket radar has been an essential tool in my day to day pitching, as I can now clearly see the drop/increase in velo at every pitch and then correct and apply changes. I have been working with evolutionathlete.com in Montreal Quebec to improve my pitching mechanics and they recommended this amazing tool to better access the progress. I now have an accurate representation of my progress, it is extremely motivating to see the number on the radar go up and realize your training is paying off. It can be stressful to head into a new training camp without knowing how much you can throw, the pocket radar has allowed me to head into the next season confident and ready to take on the field.

2.  Why have you been using Pocket Radar?

I have been using the pocket radar in order to access my progression and test out different pitching styles.With the pocket radar I can now see what kind of movement works best for me and focus more on what works.

3.  What is your favorite feature of using the radar?

My favorite feature would be the constant-on mode which allows me to view my pitching velocities while being alone and not requiring someone to press a button.

4.  Why would you recommend using Pocket Radar as a tool for other athletes during training?

I would 100% recommend this product to any athlete who wants to better access their pitching/batting progress.

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Best of luck this season to Gabriel as he continues to improve on is numbers.  If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email sm@PocketRadar.com 

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